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1973; Surviving

1998 Conference on Self-Management of Schizophrenia

1999 Conference on Self-Management of Schizophrenia

1st steps of Journey

2000 Conference on Self-Management of Schizophrenia

2002 Conference on Self-Management of Schizophrenia

2002 Conference on Self-Management of Schizophrenia; REPORT

2006 Mind Conference

2008 Mind conference on poverty

21st Birthday Party

5 Senses - poem



A Beautiful Mind

a few miserable cups

A Hearing Voices Group - John Exell

A personal account - Keep taking the tablets

Abstract Art by Chris Barchard

Abstract Art by Chris Barchard (page 2)

Abstract Art by Chris Barchard (page 3)

Abstract view of Death

Accident of Fate

Account of life by Dave

Achievement Star

Action shots of birds in flight

Adam and Eve; Madness of

Address of Rethink

After my suicide attempt...

After the Asylum - a year on



Agoraphobia - my understanding

AIR - by Libby

Alan's page

Alchemists and Stuff

Alex Davidson's GOLDEN DAYS

Alex Davidson's poem SCHITZOPHRENIA

Alex Davidson; Time for my Jab

Alex Tambourides

Alfred; teaching him a lesson

Alice Church

Alice complimenting Maureen Oliver

Alison Islin's poem Forgive the Despair

ALIVE - By Amy Ford

Alternative Support Model to the Medical Model of Medication for Long Term Schizophrenia

America / England / Madness


An Alternative Support Model to the Medical Model of Medication for Long Term Schizophrenia

An Enduring Episode of Schizophrenia

Andrew Edmonds' poem Changing Faces

Andrew Edmonds' poem Stress and Schizophrenia

Andrew L; Jealousy

Andrew Low's short story An Incident in the Dispensary

Andrew Scull's book


Angel's comment on the disallowed in hospital

Angel's continuing with Chapter 2 and 3

Angels; Space

Ann Hughes

Ann Hughes; Just a Life



ANON covers it again!

Anon's work 'untitled'

Answers by Flying Saucer

Antennae are ribbed not striped

Antipsychotic drugging of children

Antipsychotic drugs

Antipsychotic drugs reviewed by someone who has taken them

Antisocial behaviour and crime is by who?

Any Journey Starts with the First Steps

Apathy; drug-induced

Application form

Appointment with the Therapist

Appreciation of Wagner

Approaches to People who Hear Voices

Arbeit Macht Frei!

Are you being allowed to find out about the New Drugs?

ARIPIPRAZOLE - Does this Herald the Future in Antipsychotics?

Arkwright; Miranda

Arrival; Life isn't



ART as a survival technique

Art by Maureen Oliver

Art by Phil Lancaster

Art by Phil Lancaster explained

Art is everything we see

Art listed by category

Art should be interesting and beautiful

Art; What can it be? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Art; What Is It?

Articles by category; Cartoons

Articles by category; Facts and Figures

Articles by category; Graphics

Articles by category; Humour

Articles by category; Legislation and Responses

Articles by category; Music

Articles by category; Personal Stories

Articles by category; Reviews

Articles by category; Short Stories

Articles by category; Treatment

Articles by category; Views on Severe Mental Illness

Articles by category; What WE think about 'The System'

Articles by category; Zyra

Articles by SUBJECT

Articles; (LIST)

As Dawn Comes

Astrology and Mental Health

At The Sea

Attitudes to Potato Peeling


Austin Pullen wins poetry competition

Autobiography of Dolly Sen

Autobiography of Paul

Autonomy; discovering

Awkward facts are ignored by medics


Babe; Frisco's

Baby being thrown out with Bathwater ?

Bad Mental Health

Bag Lady to the rescue

Barchard; Chris

Bath; Mad Hatters

BATH; Mad Hatters' Party

Beautiful Mind

Beauty; Loves


Being a parent with mental health

Believe Your Psychiatrist?

Benefits - issues raised by WuShan

Better to be thought of as other than mad?

BEYOND by David John

Beyond Psychiatry

Bi-polar person on high sent still further upward

Bible of Psychiatrists

Biff Gladman's lyric: Insanity Man

Biff Gladman's music

Big Brother

Big Brother - Lunatic Asylum style

BIO by Canadave

Birds in Flight

Birds of Prey; feeding them

Birmingham & Frankfurt Mental Health Connection

Birthday Party 21

Blair reads The Sun

Blaming it on Alfie

Bloody loonies

Bluebell Woods

Bluejay; Sola; Colin; Sometimes

Blunkett claims benefit of knowledge

Bob Sexton's Diary 1

Bob Sexton's Diary 2

Book by Maureen Oliver

Book review of Sue Holt's book

Book Review; The Madness of Adam and Eve

Boy Growing up in the 1950s

Brain damage

Brains; removal of; in secret

Breaking Down and Poetry book by Maureen Oliver - reviewed by Chris Barchard

Breeze blocks carved into an inspirational sculpture

Brendon White

Brendon writes to Phil Lancaster

Brett; Rachel

Bright Future - poem by Judith Meldrum

Brunel University MIND Conference 2008

Buddha of Kilburn

Buddha of Kilburn; Mad Summer in London

Buddhism and Schizophrenia

Bullet in my Head



Campaigner wins 2002 Poetry Prize

Can anyone be a doctor?

Can it be Section3 ?

Can not write anything without their approval

Can You Always Believe Your Psychiatrist?

Can You Hear Him?


Canadave's Ice of Life

Canadave; I am here

Candave; Humanity

Candave; Indulgence


Cardiovascular disease; and other things; caused by ANTIPSYCHOTICS

Care Out Of The Community

Care Programme Approach and its Effectiveness

Care; Society; does it?

Carol Batton's poem Empowermentin the Psychiatric unit

Carpet made into sandals


Cartoons by Peter Cridland

Cartoons; Credit in Risk

Cartoons; Frisco Duck

Cartoons; Help the Blind

Cartoons; Mickstup Mouse

Cartoons; Mickstup Mouse and Frisco Duck

Cartoons; Mickstup Mouse and Frisco Duck further adventures

Cartoons; Mickstup Mouse and Frisco Duck further level-mixing yet adventures

Cartoons; Mickstup Mouse and Frisco Duck further yet adventures

Cartoons; Mickstup Mouse and Frisco Duck showing some simple logic and its consequences

Cartoons; Mickstup Mouse Gets Lost

Cartoons; Mickstup Mouse observes suspicious behaviour and criminal activity

Cartoons; Mickstup Mouse takes on Politics and Religion

Cartoons; Spot the Loony

Cartoons; Straightjacket

Cartoons; The Enslavement

Cartoons; The Times They Are...


Categorisation of insane people was flawed

Category; legislation and responses

Category; Views on Severe Mental Illness

Cathartic writing

Catherine Anne Roberts

Caution about 'Recovery'

Caution about 'Recovery' by Paul Kean

Celebration of 21st Birthday

Censorship in hospital

Central Hospital



Change of Name

Change-o! Fit for Work!

CHANGES - poem by John Exell

Changes in 2009

Changing Faces - poem by Andrew Edmonds

CHANGING; a poem by Graham Dawe

Channel 6 Big Brother

Channel Tunnel

Character Sketches by Janice Craddock Owen; Pauline

Characters swearing and wildly gesticulating

Charter of Independence

Cheeriest illness

Chemical Straightjacket

Chemists can sometimes feel paranoid too

Child in Me is Crying; poem by Christina Barker

Child Psychiatry Problems

Children and Insanity

Children forced to take drugs

Chris Andrew

Chris Andrew writes of her own experience

Chris B's poem As Dawn Comes

Chris Barchard

Chris Barchard Leaving Chair of Perceptions Forum

Chris Barchard seems to be a decent enough person

Chris Barchard's art commented on by Katie

Chris Barchard's Art Gallery

Chris Barchard's Art Gallery (page 2)

Chris Barchard's Art Gallery (page 3)

Chris Barchard's Art Gallery; Boxes with Sunset

Chris Barchard's Art Gallery; Chalice

Chris Barchard's Art Gallery; Curves

Chris Barchard's Art Gallery; Dawn

Chris Barchard's Art Gallery; Death

Chris Barchard's Art Gallery; Family

Chris Barchard's Art Gallery; Hell

Chris Barchard's Art Gallery; In This World

Chris Barchard's Art Gallery; Life

Chris Barchard's Art Gallery; Mystical World

Chris Barchard's Art Gallery; Nature

Chris Barchard's Art Gallery; Power of Creation

Chris Barchard's Art Gallery; Solar System

Chris Barchard's Art Gallery; Spoons

Chris Barchard's Art Gallery; Sunset and Sea

Chris Barchard's Art Gallery; Sunsets

Chris Barchard's Art Gallery; Technology

Chris Barchard's Art Gallery; The Heavenly City

Chris Barchard's Art Gallery; Through the Door

Chris Barchard's Art Gallery; To The Tree

Chris Barchard's Art Gallery; Triangles

Chris Barchard's Art Gallery; War

Chris Barchard's letter about the idea of self-management

Chris Barchard's Musical Compositions

Chris comments on the AGM

Christian Wilcox ?!

Christine Sheehan writes about Drug-induced apathy

Christmas; not just for


Church; experienced by Mickstup Mouse

Cigarettes no more

Ciminality and Suspiciousness reviewed by Mickstup Mouse


Circle of Stones

Circular list

City; Heavenly

Clare Crestani

Clocks feature in Maggie's picture Stuck In Time

Close-up picture of a butterfly

Coercion to put patients to work

Cold beer for breakfast

Colin / Sola Bluejay; Sometimes

Collage; At The Sea

Collage; Red Vase

Coming off Medication

Coming off Medication; part2

Commended poems from the poetry competition 2009

Community Important in Self-management

Compendium of Poems

Compulsory treatment in the community

Conference 2009 by MIND

Conference in Oxford 2002

Conference in Oxford 2002; REPORT

Conference on Self-Management of Schizophrenia; 1998

Conference on Self-Management of Schizophrenia; 1999

Conference on Self-Management of Schizophrenia; 2000

Conference on Self-Management of Schizophrenia; 2002

Conference on Self-Management of Schizophrenia; 2002; REPORT


Consequences ; meaning ; resolution ... of Madness

Consumer of mental health?

Contacts page

Cooperate means OBEY

Coping Up North

Cornwall from Zimbabwe

Cotham; Katie

Counteracting Stigma

Country - poem by Timothy Hayes

Courage of a Lion

Courtyard; Herbas

CPA Report

Creativity and Sensitivity

Credit in Risk


Crimes being committed by the mentally ill

Criminals; potential; locking-up of?

Crisis is a right!

Crossword solver's poem

Cup smashing!

Cursing and swearing on the Underground means... what?

Curtis Harboldt


Curves - artistic work receives positive comment



Daily Confession

Daisy Chain

Damein compliments Maureen in her art

Damien Morrison

Dan Blake

Dando; Robert

Darren comments on Chris Barchard's art

Darren Mc Garvey

Dave from Canada

Dave's BIO

Dave's grandfather

Dave's home page

David Blunkett's vision of benefit claimants

David Horrobin; The Madness of Adam and Eve (book)

David John - The Light Shines - by David John

David John - Understanding

David Martyn

David Martyn on the Self-Management Project at RETHINK

David Martyn on the Self-Management Project UPDATE

David Rosenham

Dawe; Graham


Dawn Comes

Day In The Life Of...

Day the World Stopped

Daytime TV investigated

Death (picture)

Death; Gates of; and beyond

Debate at the Royal College of Psychiatrists

Debate shows Scepticism about Mental Health White Paper

Debbie Marsh; Down and UP!

Declaration of Independence of Perceptions Forum

Delay in the Channel Tunnel

Delusions of grandeur AND an inferiority complex

Democracy; threat to

Denny's old woman slagged off my old man

Depixol = drug-induced apathy

Depressive Schizophrenia

Despair; Forgive the

Despair? instead... HOPE!

Destructive fun on New Year's Eve

Diagnosis error

Diagnosis perceptions

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual


Diary of a Survivor

Differences by D. Mackenzie


Discharge myself!

Discontent; Weiner of Our

Discontinuation of antipsychotic medication

Discovering Autonomy conference 2005

Discovering Recovery

Discrimination against people who take Cannabis

Discrimination in Employment

Disempowered Writer

Disgusting affair with smoking

Dispensary Incident

Distorted Perception

Do 2 Little Doctor

Do too little

Doctor asks Frisco Duck

Doctor Do 2 Little

Doctor exposed as QUACK

Doctor Shoid

Doctors choosing which things they want to believe

Does Society Care?

Dolly Sen's autobiography

Don't drink and fly

Don't let them abolish Perceptions Forum

Don't Throw the Baby out with the Bathwater

Door; through the

Dopamine Theory

Dorothy Rowe


Down ... and UP

Down sides of antipsychotic drugs

Dr Do 2 Little

Dr Killbone

Draconian mental health acts in the western world; the worst

Dream of Prisoner

Dreams; poem by Mark Churchill

Drug-induced apathy

Drugging of children

Drugs for Psychoses; old and new

Duncan Shrubsole

DWP shouldn't question incapacity status


E-mail contact-us page


e-Newsletter 34

e-Newsletter 35

e-Newsletter; example

e-Newsletter; example; another

e-Newsletter; example; yet another


Early Bird catches the... swiss cheese

Early Days of The Voices Forum

East Grinstead and Stonehenge

Eclipse of the Moon 2007

ECT - NO Rights for the Patient


ECT; The Case Against it

Edwin Martin

Edwin Martin writes about ELECTRO-CONVULSIVE THERAPY (ECT)

Edwin's First Year of the Psychiatric System

Effectiveness of the Care Programme Approach

Eileen Ellis-Whitfield; From Zimbabwe to Cornwall

ElectroConvulsive Therapy; case against

Ellison; Nikki

Elshom; Lisa

email Support Groups for Voice-Hearing by PIPPA

Emma Bunton not recognised by doorman

Employment Discrimination

Empowerment - is it?

Empowerment in the Psychiatric unit

Empowerment; Is There a Limit to it?

Encouraging words by Anon

Enduring Episode of Schizophrenia

Enslavement of The Sick

Episode of Schizophrenia; Enduring

Escapade on New Year's Eve

Eternal Chase - surrealist picture by Phil Lancaster

Ethics (or otherwise) of locking up potential criminals

Ethnic Minorities in Mental Health Research

Eulogy for Rachel


Eustace - the story continues in Part3


Exact replica of England

Exalted Madness

Example of a Perceptions Forum e-Newsletter (34)

Example of a Perceptions Forum e-Newsletter (35)

Example of a Voices Forum e-Newsletter

Exell; John

Exhibition in shop window included Lorna

Existence of schizophrenia? They were in two minds about it

Expediency rather than valid Psychiatric Truth?

Experience of Hearing Voices analysed by John Exell

Experience of Psychosis - picture by Maureen Oliver

Experience of Schizophrenia and Recovery

Experience of Schizophrenia; what it meant to me

Experiences of schizophrenia by Chris Andrew

Eyes of a Schizophrenic



Fags; reduction of

Faith or Delusions?


Fancy; Flight of

Far and Few

Fate cnageable as shown by the Mystic adventure of Mickstup Mouse

Fats Wally by Biff Gladman (downloadable MP3)

Fear motivated illness

Fear of open spaces?

Feed someone's well-being

Feeding the Birds of Prey

Fewer side-effects with ARIPIPRAZOLE?

Figures and Facts

Fill in the Questionnaire!

Finnegan's Wake


First Chair of Voices Forum

First Movement of Piano Piece in G by Christopher Barchard

First Steps that start any Journey

First Twelve Hours - by Stephen P H Smith

First; Safety

Fists and Palms

Fit for Work!

Five Senses

Flight of Fancy

Flying birds

Flying Saucer Answers

Focal Sepsis


Folk who we promote

Folkestone tunnel anomaly

Food for Thought - by John Exell

Food for Thought by R.G.

Food in Jail

Football against stigma in mental health

Footwear made of carpet from the asylum

FOR LIFE not just for christmas

Forced doping of children

Forgive the Despair

Form to fill in to apply to JOIN US

Form-filling page

Form-filling page; old version

Form; Thanks

Fortune Teller of Mickstup Mouse

Forum of Perceptions

Fractured Persona

Frankfurt & Birmingham Mental Health Connection

Franz Kafka gets a mention

Freedom; right to

Friends Meeting House in Oxford; how to get there

Frisco Duck

Frisco Duck and Mickstup Mouse

Frisco Duck and Mickstup Mouse further adventures

Frisco Duck and Mickstup Mouse further yet adventures

Frisco Duck and Mickstup Mouse further yet level-mixing adventures

Frisco Duck and Mickstup Mouse having a discussion over Potato Peeling

Frisco Duck and Mickstup Mouse; more

Frisco Duck goes to Jail

Frisco Duck has a go at being a doctor (or a quack?!)

Frisco Duck's illicit smoking affair

From Zimbabwe to Cornwall

Front; Tales from the; 43

Full list of articles

Fun and hallucinations

Funded by Rethink not any longer

Funny drawings

Funny items


Further Thoughts on Recovery and Real Mental Health

Future in Antipsychotics ?

Futuristic Age?



Gaol; Frisco Duck

Garden; Hyacinth

Gates of Death and Beyond

Gateway Collective

Gay People and Schizophrenia

Genetic causes of schizophrenia (or NOT)

George McGregor writes about Psychiatric Hell

Gets Lost (1)

Gets Lost (2)

Getting Schizophrenia and getting over it

Girl With Schizophrenia (the)

Girlfriend; Invisible

Give up smoking

Give up smoking!

Gobble Gobble ! - by Mimosa


Golden Eagle's HOPE

Good Reasons to feel Pissed Off

Government has priorities wrong

Government magician at work

Graham Dawe's Invisible Girlfriend

Graham Dawe's page


Graphics by Matty B

Graphics; humorous

Green Eyed Monster

Gregor Samsa

Gregor Samsa

Grimshawin; Theresa

Grow wings

Grégor Samsa



Haliperodol - bringing brain damage to the masses

Hall; Keith

Hallucinating Music and my Appreciation of the Composer Wagner

Hallucinatory mice; how to get rid of them

Hanne - picture by Maureen Oliver

Harrogate MIND Conference

Head; bullet in

Headphones DO work!

Health Consultant

Hear Him Can You?

Hearing Voices Group - John Exell

Hearing Voices; the Rational approach

Heaven and Hell encountered by Mickstup Mouse

Heaven; gates of; found by Mickstup Mouse

Heaven; Vaulted

Heavenly City


Hell; gates of; found by Mickstup Mouse

HELL; Psychiatric

Help the Blind (cartoon)

Help; TRANKS for

Helpful hints and tips by Zyra

Helpful hints and tips by Zyra; MORE

Henry Cotton's Focal Sepsis surgery theory

Her Mother thought she was the Pope

Herbas Courtyard

Herbas Hill View

Here I am

Hi to Voices People!

Hill View; Herbas

Hill; Michael

History of The Voices Forum

Hitchcock's life shaped by his early experiences?

Holland; letter from

Holloway Road London Resource Centre

Holy Grail; it isn't WORK is it?

Home page of Dave

Homosexuality and schizophrenia


Hope it's money! - letter from social security to Mickstup Mouse

Hospital; 'Special'; From the Inside

How can they stop people having visitors

How do you expect to convince people you're not crazy if you keep doing things like that?!

How Some of Our Ancestors were Treated in the Early 20th Century

How the website is being funded in 2012

How to diagnose insanity?

How to get to the Friends Meeting House in Oxford

How to give up smoking

Human Response to Schizophrenia

Human Rights abuses; various


Humorous images


Hunt the Hallucinatory Mice

Hyacinth Garden - Andrea Chell


Hypomania is the cheeriest illness

Hywel (Uncle Hywel) responds to your problems

Hywel Davies compiled facts on Mental Health & Violence

Hywel Moelwyn Hughes; New Developments in Drugs


I am here!

I hear Voices - by Shan Wu + Toto + Toto

I wasn't modern enough

I Went For Help - article by Chris Barchard

I'll escape from this straightjacket like THIS...

Ice of Life

ICE; poem by John Exell

Idea of Self-Management

Identity of Love

Identity parade of characters found in a mental hospital

If only you had listened?!

Ill Health

Illicit smoking

Importance of Community in Self-Management

Imposters were discharged

In my quite garden

In the red: poverty debt and mental health

In This World

In two minds about whether schizophrenia exists

Incapacity Benefit Claimants watch Daytime TV

Incapacity benefit reform

Incident in the Dispensary

Inclusion Room


Inclusion; Social

Independence for Perceptions Forum

Index by date

Index of the site


Inferiority complex AND Delusions of grandeur

Inform a member of staff if you notice any suspicious bevaviour

Inherited mental illness?

Inner Friend

Innocence presumed until proven guilty?

Insane Children

Insanity Man


Inside knowledge of an old mental hospital

Inside View; of schizophrenia

Institution to keep people who commit crimes and anti-social behaviour

Interesting debate at the Royal College of Psychiatrists AGM

International Perceptions Forum

Into the Light

Intuitively painted picture

Invasion of the Monastery

Invisible Girlfriend

Is Frisco Duck insinuating something about the doctor?

Is it fair to lock up potential criminals?

Is it Really All in the Genes?

Is There a Limit to Empowerment?

Is WORK the Holy Grail?

Isaacs report

ISBN 0 9542218 9 3

Isis and the Moon

Isolation - surrealist picture by Phil Lancaster

Isolation of those with psychical ill health

It doesn't do you any harm to feel your own pain

Items which have been reviewed




Jail bird Frisco

Janey Antoniou

Janice Craddock Owen; Pauline

Janice Craddock Owen; Win

JARGON; witty reflection on

Jaycee Superstar


Jealousy - by Andrew L

Jo Aylott - Mental Health Services Make Me Mad!

Jobseekers' Psychosis

John Exell

John Exell analyses the experience of Hearing Voices

John Exell's Herbas Courtyard

John Exell's Herbas Hill View

John Exell's Relativity Theory

John Exell's Salamanca Skyline

John Wydham's 'The Chrysalids'

Join the Labour Party?


Jonathan Glover

Jones; Sally

Jones; Sophie

Jorun Rugkasa

Journey Starts with the First Steps

Judith Meldrum; Bright Future

Judith Meldrum; Inner Friend

Juliet Gowan

Just a Life


Katee Crowther; Agoraphobia

Katie Cotham

Kaz P

Keep IN becomes Keep OUT

Keep taking the tablets

Keighley comments on Phil Lancaster's art

Keighley White

Keith Hall

Kent; East and West

Kilburn High Road; Shouting in


Krysia Canvin


Labour Party; trying to join

Ladder; picture by Maureen Oliver

Lager on prescription

Lands where they tablets give


Latin sounds profound

Laugh WITH the mad people not AT them

Laughter; World is Fully Of

LEAFLET (also available in hard copy!)

LEAFLET (also available in hard copy!) (updated!)

Leave the word IMPOSSIBLE in the dictionary

Leaves of autumn fall through my life like memories

Leaving statement of Chris Barchard

Lecture attended by Mickstup Mouse

Legislation CATEGORY

Lepers; social

Lesson in how to spot the Loony

Lesson; teaching Alfred

Letter about Recovery

Letter by Theresa Grimshaw regarding To The Tree by Chris Barchard

Letter from C.S. Pendred to Maureen Oliver

Letter from Holland

Letter from Social Security?

Letter from Vicky Simpson about Maureen Oliver's picture Experience of Psychosis

Letter in which Alice compliments Maureen Oliver

Letter in which Brendon writes to Phil Lancaster

Letter in which Damien compliments Maureen Oliver

Letter in which Dan makes observations on the works of Matty B

Letter in which Liza comments on art by Maureen Oliver

Letters from Sue Makevit's project

Level-Mixing adventures

Liability of Mickstup Mouse

Libby's poem AIR


Life Beyond Psychiatry

Life is Not an Arrival

Life story by CanaDave

Life story of Paul

Life; Ice of

Life; Just a

Life; show me the receipt!

Light Shines - poem by David john

Like a child crying in the dark

Like ourselves

Limit to Empowerment?

Line up of people found in a mental hospital

Links page

Little; Doctor did 2

Living with schizophrenia; new approach

Living with schizophrenia; new approach UPDATE

Liza compliments Maureen Oliver

Liza Elshom

Locked up in jail

Locking people up BEFORE they've committed any offence

London; Mad Summer in

Lonely Battle

Long stories only shorter

Long Term Schizophrenia; An Alternative Support Model to the Medical Model of Medication

Long Voyage - poem

Looking on the Positive Side

Loonies a menace to society?

Loony spotting

Lord I wish I could have a job so I could be happy like everyone else

Lorna's escapade on New Year's Eve

Lorna's Voice


Louise Glasscoe's winning poem An Accident of Fate

Louise Glasscoe; Potion

Louise Raynes ward

Love's Beauty; poem by Christina Barker

Love; Identity of

Luna; eclipse of


Lunar eclipse

Lunatic Hospital was Brutal - Patrick Kenny


M. Strong

Machines for charitable donations explored

Mad events being planned

Mad Game


Mad Summer in London

Madhouse: A Tragic Tale of Megalomania and Modern Medicine

Madness Exalted

Madness of Adam and Eve

MADNESS< Sophie writes about Madness

Madness; Mystery of; The


Maggie's picture Stuck In Time

Magician employed by the government

Makevit; Sue

Making Space in Kendal


Mania and Hypomania


Marine Collage

Martha Robinson

Martha Robinson Poetry Competition

Martha Robinson Poetry Competition 2002

Martha Robinson Poetry Competition 2003

Martha Robinson Poetry Competition 2005

Martha Robinson Poetry Competition 2006

Martha Robinson poetry competition 2006 winner

Martha Robinson Poetry Competition 2009

Martha Robinson Poetry Competition 2009 Commendations

Martha Robinson Poetry Competition 2011

Martin Maloney's Headphones

Martin Maloney's poem Neither Here Nor There

Martin O’Kane

Martyn; David

Mary J. Strong's Perception of 'The Perception Syndrome'


Matty B

Matty B reviewed by Dan


Matty B; The Medtrix

Matty B; The Medtrix; 01

Matty B; The Medtrix; 02

Matty B; The Medtrix; 03

Matty B; The Medtrix; 04

Maudsley Debate

Maudsley Debate on the existence of schizophrenia

Maureen commented on by Vicky

Maureen Oliver

Maureen Oliver commented on by C.S. Pendred

Maureen Oliver commented on by Liza Elshom

Maureen Oliver complimented by Alice

Maureen Oliver's book Breaking Down and Poetry

Maureen Oliver's poem Psychosis

Maureen Oliver; Experience of Psychosis

Maureen Oliver; Hanne

Maureen Oliver; Ladder

Maureen Oliver; Normal

Maureen Oliver; Sisters

Maureen Oliver; Vincent in the Yellow House

Maureen Oliver; Woman and the Sun

Maze by Maureen Oliver

McGarvey; Darren

Me and Grandfather Curtis Harboldt 1951

Meaning of mad experiences explored

Medical Astrology

Medication is an art

Medication; Coming off it

Medication; Coming off it; 2


Medtrix Reloaded

Medtrix Revolutions

Medtrix Revolutions Part 2

Medtrix; Episode 1

Medtrix; Episode 2

Medtrix; Episode 3

Medtrix; Episode 4

Meeting; terrible

Mehrtens; Tony; Passing Incident

Mehtod to stop smoking

Membership application form

Membership survey

Menace to society; Loonies?

Mending Minds - poem

Mental Health & Violence; 6 facts

Mental Health Act

Mental Health Act being debated at RCPSYCH

Mental health act; poem about

Mental Health and Employment Discrimination

Mental Health and The Planets

Mental Health Bill; users and survivors protest against it

Mental Health Connection in Frankfurt & Birmingham

Mental health issues about benefits

Mental Health Problems and Cannabis

Mental Health Recovery

Mental health research by Sue Makevit

Mental Health Service Users Group - that's us!

Mental Health Services Make Me Mad!

Mental Health System not what it pretends to be

Mental Health White Paper; sceptism about

Mental Health; Bad

Mental Hospital converted into a posh housing development

Mental illness; Treatment

Mental patient grows wings

Mentally ill people are required to behave normally

Merry to be Mad

Message in the Snow


Michael Hill

Michael Hill's Rhinos

Michael Paul; Change of Name

Mickstup 'n' Mystic

Mickstup Mouse

Mickstup Mouse and Frisco Duck

Mickstup Mouse and Frisco Duck further adventures

Mickstup Mouse and Frisco Duck further yet adventures

Mickstup Mouse and Frisco Duck further yet level-mixing adventures

Mickstup Mouse attends a lecture

Mickstup Mouse gets a letter from Social Security

Mickstup Mouse Gets Lost

Mickstup Mouse Gets Lost 1

Mickstup Mouse Gets Lost 2

Mickstup Mouse goes to church

Mickstup Mouse goes to find out what's happened to the Old Mental Hospital

Mickstup Mouse goes to see a Fortune Teller

Mickstup Mouse has a choice of policicians to vote for?

Mickstup Mouse Quantum Peephole

Mickstup Mouse sees suspicious behaviour on the Tube

Mickstup Mouse shows where people who commit crimes and anti-social behaviour are kept

Mickstup Mouse stands for Parliament

Mickstup Mouse takes on Politics and Religion


MIND Conference 20006 in Harrogate

MIND Conference 2008

MIND Conference 2009

Mind; Beautiful

Miranda Arkwright


Miss Diagnosis

Mobile phones not allowed; chapter 2 and 3

Mobile phones or lighters not allowed

Monastery; Invasion of

Money a problem to Mickstup Mouse

Money; we're short of it

Moon and Isis

Moon; eclipse of; 2007/03

MoonBeam 1 - poem by John Exell

More about the Mental Health Act

MORE helpful hints and tips by Zyra

More problem-solutions

Most draconian mental health act in the western world


Mozart - Bliss!

Mr / Mrs / and Miss Diagnosis

Mr Smarmy

Much-Vaunted Sue Makevit Letters


Music by Biff Gladman

Music by Christopher Barchard

Music Hallucinations were not Radio Kent after all

My Experience of Hospital - by Patrick Kenny

My Experience of Schizophrenia and Recovery

My First Year of the Psychiatric System

My Inner Friend - poem by Judith Meldrum

My Invisible Girlfriend

My neighbours are too normal

My Perception of 'The Perception Syndrome'

Mystery of Madness

Mystic Mickstup Mouse

Mystical World


Name Change

Napkins were blue not pink; Disgusting!

Nash Equilibrium

National Anxiety Day

National birth chart

National Perceptions Forum

National Voices Forum


Nazi sympathiser? Not Wagner!

Negativity eliminated by HOPE

Neither Here Nor There

Neo in 'The Medtrix'


Nervous breakdown survivor

Nervous Breakdown; recovery from

Netherlands communication

New and Old antipsychotic drugs reviewed by a customer!

New Developments in Drugs - by Hywel Moelwyn Hughes

New Drugs

New funding model for website

New Year's Eve - escapade by Lorna


Newsletter; example

Nick Satornetti-Portway - Vaulted Heaven

Night of 3rd/4th March 2007; the Lunar Eclipse

Nikki Ellison


No consensus on User Empowerment?

No limit to Empowerment?

No longer funded by Rethink

NO Rights for the Patient on ECT

NORMAL - poem by Maureen Oliver

Not allowed in hospital

Not an Arrival

Not Just Medication

Notice Board; as a way of a say; in the Psychiatric Unit

Now I know why Tony Blair reads The Sun!

Nutrition and schizophrenia

Nutters Run Amok!

Nymphomaniac in the WAAF


Observations on John Wydham's 'The Chrysalids

Observations on John Wydham's 'The Chrysalids'

Oil on Masonite

Old and New antipsychotic drugs reviewed by a customer!

old form-filling page

Old Mental Hospital

On the Side of the Lines - poem by Philip Newhouse

Ophelia in London


Other organisations


Oxford conference

Oxford conference REPORT

Oxford; Friends Meeting House; How to get there


P Kaz

Page of Zyra at Perceptions

Pain not Illness

Painting about Indulgence

Painting entitled Weiner of Our Discontent

Painting of Humanity

Palms and Fists

Paranoia; practical solutions to

Parent with mental health

Parliament and Potato Peelers

Parliamentary candidate Mickstup Mouse

Passing Incident - by Tony Mehrtens

Pat's At The Sea

Pat's Red Vase

Patrick Kenny's Experience of Hospital

Patrick Wood; To the Gates of Death and Beyond

Paul Carson writes of Saint Dymphna

Paul Carson's poem Can You Hear Him?

Paul Kean

Paul's autobiography

Paul's comments on the title 'Doctor'


Peace breaking out

Peephole; Quantum

Peeping on what's really going on

Penguins and Polar Bears

People like you are a threat to democracy

People we Promote

People who Hear Voices; Approaches to

People; About personal pages at the Perceptions Site

PEOPLE; list of


Perception; distorted

Perceptions Annual Conference in Jeopardy

Perceptions Forum

Perceptions Forum 21st Birthday Party

Perceptions Forum Declaration of Independence

Perceptions Forum e-Newsletter

Perceptions Forum e-Newsletter 34

Perceptions Forum e-Newsletter 35

Perceptions Forum front page

Perceptions Forum LEAFLET

Perceptions Forum LEAFLET 2

Perceptions Forum membership application form

Perceptions Forum Survey 2011


Perceptions People

Perceptions Questionnaire - do it!

Perceptive Poems at Perceptions Forum

Percy the Cat


Personal webspace at this site

Peter Campbell's winning poem TO WILLIE EMSLIE

Peter Charleton; Socialism and the Psychiatric Ward

Peter Cridland

Peter Cridland's Cartoons

Peter D talks of the unfair treatment of mad children

Peter D; Creativity and Sensitivity

Peter Strieb Griebling

Peter Strieb Griebling's Further Thoughts on Recovery and Real Mental Health

Peter V


Pharmacists; it can even happen to them

Phil Lancaster

Phil Lancaster explains his surrealist art Self Assembly

Phil Lancaster is asked artistic questions by Brendon

Phil Lancaster's ART survival techniques

Phil Lancaster's Self Assembly commented on by Nikki Ellison

Phil Lancaster; Isolation

Phil Lancaster; Self Assembly

Phil Lancaster; The Eternal Chase

Phil Lancaster; Torment of the Soul

Philip Morton's Sheila

Philip Newhouse; On the Side of the Lines

Photos of the eclipse of the moon 2007

Piano Pieces by Christopher Barchard


Pictures by Maureen Oliver

Pictures drawn to be funny

Pie in the Sky


Pissed Off about Psychiatry

Places we link to

Planets and their astrological influence on mental health

Please ensure that you have the correct ticket or we will tie you up and tickle your toes

Poem - Alive

POEM about the Mental Health Act

Poem by Ann Hughes

Poem by Terry; The Long Voyage

Poem of Cinderella

Poem Summer 1980 by Jaycee Superstar

Poem: Changing

Poem: Dreams

Poem: ICE

Poem; Mending Minds

Poem; the Girl with Schizophrenia


Poems of Survival by Sue Holt

Poetic Moon Beam 1

Poetry; winning

Poetry; Winning; 2001

Poetry; Winning; 2002

Poetry; winning; 2002; actual poem

Poetry; Winning; 2003


Politicians; choice of; to vote for?

Politics and Religion as seen by Mickstup Mouse

Poor mental health: the link between poverty and debt and mental health

Portrait of Edwin Martin

Positive View - by R

Postman's KGB

Potato Peeling

POTION - poem by Louise Glasscoe

Poverty/debt and Mental Health

Power of Creation

Prejudice against mad people

Prescription for patient by Dr Frisco Duck (quack)

Presentation? Misrepresentation!

Presto! Change-o! Fit for work!

Prey; Birds of; feeding


Principle of Recovery

Prisoner Dream

Prisoner in a Special Hospital; personal account from

Proceeding from the Recovery Model? Surely not!

Professor Engelbert Shrinkkopf

Profound things in Latin are spoken

Programme of Care Approach and its Effectiveness

Protest against the Mental Health Bill by users and survivors

Provision of information about the new drugs - patchy

Psychiatist was a Quack


Psychiatric Truth: Valid Or A Mere Expediency?

Psychiatrist; satire on

Psychiatrists; can you trust them?

Psychiatry and the Disempowered Writer

Psychiatry; Life Beyond

Psychical ill health



Psychosis - poem by Maureen Oliver

Psychosis; Experience of

Psychosis; specific to Jobseekers


Public spaces; fear of

Punk jazz clarinet

Puzzling Poem

Pyronarcotic technicians first proper job

Pyschiatry; Good Reasons to feel Pissed Off about it


QTc interval


Quantum Peephole


Questions answered about surrealist art by Phil Lancaster

Quid Quid Latine Dictum Sit Altum Videtur

Quiet Garden?

Quite Garden

Quitting antipsychotic medication


R v B

R.G. writes about Gay People and Schizophrenia

R; Positive View


Rachel Brett

Rachel's contact e-mail

Rational Voice Hearing

Recent-ordered index

Reciprocal links


Recovery (and schizophrenia)

Recovery 2007 Style

Recovery : Don't Throw the Baby out with the Bathwater

Recovery and Real Mental Health; Further Thoughts on

RECOVERY by Sophie

Recovery Discovering

Recovery letter

Recovery Position - by Sue Collins

Recovery Principle

Recovery; Caution about

Red Kites

Red Vase

Reducing the number of fags in time

Regaining Control

Regaining Control REPORT

Relativity of Mental Health - by John Exell

Reloaded; The Medtrix

Removal of 24000 Brains secretly

Removing bits from mental patients surgically

Replica of England

Report of 1998 Conference on Self-Management of Schizophrenia

Report of 1999 Conference on Self-Management of Schizophrenia

Report on the Discovering Autonomy conference 2005

Report on the MIND 2006 Conference in Harrogate

Representational images may be regarded as emblems of Truth

Research by Sue Makevit

Reserved for the Gateway Collective

Resolution of Madness

Resource Centre Holloway Road London

Response to schizophrenia

Response to Terry Simpson's article about Mental Illness

Responses to the new Mental Health Act Proposals

Results of the Perceptions Forum Survey 2011


Review of A Beautiful Mind


Revolutions; The Medtrix

Revolutions; The Medtrix; Part 2

Rhinos - by Michael Hill

Rich innings of absorbing interest

Richard Jameson's article on The Mystery of Madness

Rights for the Patient = 0

Rob's Robot


Robert Dando

Robot by Rob

Romantic poem The Five Senses

Ron Coleman's speech on RECOVERY

Ronald Baker's The Inclusion Room




Safety First - poem by John Exell

Saga of the Job Seeker

Sahaja Yoga

Saint Dymphna and the help she can give

Salamanca Skyline

Sally's page

Samsa's Appointment with the Therapist

Samsa; Grégor

Sarah Walker

Satire on a Psychiatrist

Satirical glimpse on User Representation

Saving Cure Was Far Eviler

SCHITZOPHRENIA - a poem by Alex Davidson

Schizo-affective disorder; recovery from

Schizoid day


Schizophrenia - and recovery

Schizophrenia and Buddhism

Schizophrenia now called something else?

Schizophrenia Shaped Humanity

Schizophrenia; an Inside View

Schizophrenia; depressive

Schizophrenia; getting over it

Schizophrenia; in two minds about whether it exists or not

Schizophrenia; What the Experience of it Meant to me

Schizophrenic view of the world

Sculpture by John Exell

Sea; at the

Searcher Simon

Secret goings-on uncovered

Secret Removal of 24000 Brains


See Beyond

Seeing the world through the Eyes of a Schizophrenic

Selective belief system of doctors

Self Assembly - surrealist picture by Phil Lancaster

Self-Management & the Importance of Community

Self-Management by David Martyn

Self-Management Conference 2000

Self-Management Conference complete REPORT

Self-Management of Schizophrenia - Conference 1999 London

Self-Management Project at Rethink by David Martyn

Self-Management UPDATE by David Martyn

Self-Management; Idea of

Self-portrait by Canadave

Sensitivity and Creativity

Sepsis; Focal

Service User Group - that's us!

Severe Mental Illness; Views

Severe Mental Illness; views on

SHAM: service user involvement in mental health?

Shan and sisters Wu

Shan Wu writes of hearing voices

Share Medway Mental Health


Shelley Brookes; Whenever


Shock Therapy; not so good

Shocking - the way they treat the patient

Shoid; Doctor


Should build more secure hospitals?

Shrinkkopf; Engelbert (Professor)

Shun the counsel of despair

Shuns; Percep

Shuresh: An Alternative Support Model to the Medical Model of Medication for Long Term Schizophrenia

Shyness; alternative solutions to

Sick; Enslavement of

Side of the Lines - poem by Philip Newhouse

Simon the Searcher

Simpson; Vicky

Sisters - picture by Maureen Oliver

Site Index (that's this page)

Sitting duck? and Quack?

SJ Owen


Sky; Pie in the

Skyline of Salamanca

Smashing of cups

Smoking affair

Smoking; Give it up!

Smoking; giving up

SNOW ON THE LAWN chapter 2+3

Social Inclusion

Social Security examination... QUACK!

Social Security v Schizophrenia?

Socialism and the Psychiatric Ward

Society; does it care?

Society; Included?

Sola Bluejay's Colin's poem SOMETIMES

Solar System

Solutions to problems

Some Kind of Way Out

Some observations on John Wydham's 'The Chrysalids'

Something to Think About

SOMETIMES - a poem from Colin - one of the voices of Sola Bluejay

Sophie Goodeve's poem URBANITY

Sophie on Medication

Sophie on Recovery

Sophie's page

Sophie's summary report of the Care Programme Approach and its Effectiveness

Sounds listed by category

Space Angels

Special Hospital - From the Inside

Speech by Zyra


Split vote on existence of schizophrenia


Spot the Loony

St Dymphna

St Martins Hospital

Staff changes

Starting with the first steps; a Journey

Statistical and Diagnostic Manual

Stephen James Wilkinson on Writing as Therapy

Stephen Owen

Stephen Owen's page

Stephen Owen's personal view of Depressive Schizophrenia

Stephen Owen's saga The Tall Tree

STIGMA by Sophie


Stones; Circle of

Stop Smoking

Stories of madness told and explored by Sue Makevit

Stories; Personal

Storm on Hampstead Heath by Susan Carberry

Straightjacket; cartoon

Straightjacket; chemical

Stress and Schizophrenia

Stuck In Time

Style of Recovery in 2007 by John Exell

SUBJECT; words / art / sounds listed by

Sue Collins: Recovery position

Sue Holt; Faith or Delusions?

Sue Holt; Poems of Survival

Sue Makevit

Sue Makevit Letters

Suicide; no need for

Summer 1980

Sun and Woman

Sun read by Blair

Sunset and Sea

Sunset; Boxes with

Sunsets; abstract art

Support Groups for Voice-Hearing by PIPPA

Support Model alternative to the Medical Model of Medication for Long Term Schizophrenia

Surgery on mental patients

Surrealist pictures by Phil Lancaster

Survey 2011


Survival Techniques; ART

Surviving 1973

Survivor is FOR LIFE

Susan Carberry; Storm on Hampstead Heath

Suspects; Usual


Suspicious Behaviour

Suspicious? Criminal? Mickstup Mouse sees it differently

Swiss Cheese; alternative uses for


Symptoms are different to the true situation

Syndrome; Perception

SYSTEM (THE); What We Think About It

System; The; The System


T Playford's response

Tablets; keep on taking them?

Talented writer defeats the system

Tales from the Front - No. 43

Tales that are pertaining to the individual


Tall Tree; The


Teaching Alfred a Lesson

Technology; represented in art

Temazepam parties

Tentative first steps

Terrible meeting

Terrible things going on in a mental asylum

Terry's winning poem; Rubbish

Testing items to destruction in shops

Thanks for sending a form!

Thanks Rachel!


The ART of survival

The begging page

The Birds

The Case Against ECT

The Channel Tunnel

The Chemical Straightjacket - by Stephen Owen

The Chrysalids

The Circle of Stones

The Country - poem by Timothy Hayes

The Day the World Stopped

The Enslavement of The Sick

The First Twelve Hours - by Stephen P H Smith

The Five Senses

The Girl With Schizophrenia

The Heavenly City

The Hyacinth Garden - Andrea Chell

The Ice of Life

The Idea of Self-Management

The Inclusion Room

The Ladder - picture by Maureen Oliver

The Light Shines - by David John

The link-clique which we have joined

The Long Voyage

The Mad Hatters of Bath

The Medtrix

The Medtrix; 02

The Medtrix; 03

The Medtrix; 04

The Medtrix; Episode 1

The Medtrix; Episode 2

The Medtrix; Episode 3

The Medtrix; Episode 4

The Mystery of Madness

The nature of Social Inclusion

The Recovery Principle

The Relativity of Mental Health - by John Exell

The Skagie

The Sun is read by Tony Blair

THE SYSTEM; What We Think About It

The Tall Tree 1

The Tall Tree 2

The Tall Tree 3

The Tall Tree 4

The Times They Are...

The Trap: What Happened To Our Dream of Freedom - interesting review

The Word Recovery


The Zombie Syndrome

Therapeutic Community

Therapist; Appointment with

Therapy in the form of Writing

Therapy; talking

Theresa Grimshaw

THEY are trying to make us conform

Things spoken in Latin sound profound

Think about; Something

This Place where I have Belonged

Those who get the seal of approval of Voices Forum

Thoughts on Recovery and Real Mental Health

Through the Door

Through the Eyes of a Schizophrenic


Thud Experiment

Time for my Jab

Time; suck in

Timothy Hayes; The Country

Tina Sheehan - Don't Throw the Baby out with the Bathwater

Tips (and hints); helpful; by Zyra

Tips (and hints); helpful; by Zyra; MORE

To the Gates of Death and Beyond

To The Tree

To The Tree commented upon by Theresa

To what extent is service user involvement a sham?

To Willie Emslie

Tony Blair reads The Sun

Tony Mehrtens story Flight of Fancy

Tony Mehrtens story of The Skagie

Tony Mehrtens; Passing Incident

Torment of the Soul - surrealist picture by Phil Lancaster

Torment of the Soul; commented on by Keighley

Tortoishell butterfly

Total eclipse of the moon

Totem Pole 1

Toto + Toto

Tourette's Syndrome convention

Towards an Identity of Love - Yours and Mine

Tower; taking pictures of birds from

Toxic Waste recycled by Frisco Duck


Tranks for the Help


Tree; To The


Trust Your Psychiatrist?

Truth that's believed or ignored according to psychiatric expediency

Trying to recover from a recovery!

Tunnel under the Channel

Twins; schizophrenic; clues


Ugo Cerletti

UKAN Co-ordinator Wins Poetry Prize

Uncle Hywel responds to your problems

Understanding - by David John

Understanding Agoraphobia

Unfamiliarity; fear of

Unit; Psychiatric; Empowerment in

Unmentionable Illness; The

Untitled by Anon

Unused cricket pitches just for show

Update on the Self-Management Project

URBANITY by Sophie Goodeve

USA / UK ... Madness

Useful links and contacts


Useless Eaters

User Empowerment

User Representation - a satirical glimpse

Users and survivors protest against the Mental Health Bill

Using blackmail to force the anorexic to start eating

Usual Suspects


Van Gogh; his madness

Variety of Obsessive and Compulsive Disorder Not Otherwise Specified

Vase; Red

Vaulted Heaven - She the Sky

Vaunted Sue Makevit Letters

Verses of Voices

Verses; About politicians like Mr Smarmy ... Who'll lock you up for being barmy...

Vicky Simpson

View of the Past - Care Out Of The Community

View on Atypical Antipsychotic Drugs

View; Hill; Herbas

View; Positive

Views of madness; how they change after personal experience

Views on Severe Mental Illness

Vincent in the Yellow House - picture by Maureen Oliver

Violence & Mental Health; 6 facts

VISITORS not allowed to see patient!

Voice in the head said THUD

Voice-Hearing Support Groups

Voices Annual Conference in Jeopardy

Voices e-Newsletter 22 - (secret goings-on uncovered)

Voices Forum e-Newsletter

Voices Forum front page

Voices Forum LEAFLET

Voices Forum LEAFLET 2

Voices Forum membership application form

Voices Forum; the Early Days

Voices from Within and Without

Voices People

Voices-Hearing; Rational approach

Voluble character

Vote for Mickstup Mouse!

Voyage; long


Wagner; appreciation of



Way out; some kind of

Ways to give up smoking

We are Independent

We like these people

We must like ourselves

We the Diagnosed

We the People

We're members of the Clique

Website funding

Weiner of Our Discontent

Well Done to Rachel Brett

Wellbeing by MIND

What is Art really?

What is Art?

What the Experience of Schizophrenia Meant to Me

What We Think about THE SYSTEM

What's in a Name?

What's New index

What's the difference in behaviour of someone who is sane and someone who is mentally ill?

Whenever - poem by Shelley Brookes

Where is Osama Bin Laden?


White Paper; scepticism about

White; Keighley

Who Could Blame Him?

Who really are the PERCEPTIONS FORUM?

Who really are the PERCEPTIONS FORUM? (new version)

Who was Martha Robinson?

Whose Distorted Perception?


Winners of the poetry competition 2006

Winners of the poetry competition 2009

Winners of the poetry competition 2011 or 2010?

Winning Poems 2001

Winning Poems 2002

Winning Poems 2003


Within and Without; the Voices

Witty drawings

Woman and the Sun - picture by Maureen Oliver

Word Recovery


Words cannot be chained

WORK = The Holy Grail ??

Work and its inappropriateness for the mad

Work; Arbeit Macht Frei?

World is Full of Laughter

World; In This

World; Mystical

World; the day it STOPPED

Write to Sue Collins

Writing about Discovering Recovery

Writing as Therapy

Writing being controlled by the authority

Writings (LIST)

Writings listed by category

Writings of Edwin Martin

Writings of Sophie Jones

WuShan raises issues of benefits front page


Xmas; not just for


Year1 after the Asylum

Yellow House; Vincent in

Yoga Sahaja

you lazy scrounger!

Young Alfred Hitchcock in jail

Young for her age

Your chance to laugh WITH the mad people not AT them

Your own page at this site

Your own pain; it not doing you any harm to feel it

Yours and Mine Identity of Love


Zimbabwe to Cornwall

Zombie Syndrome


Zyra's contact e-mail

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