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Mr, Mrs and Miss- Diagnosis?

by J M G


Manically depressed
Compulsively obsessed
‘Poles apart’
Lose heart

Hearing voices
Strange noises
Have no choice
Lose your voice

Self harm
Cut your arm
Clause alarm
‘Please make me calm’

Panic attack
Start to crack
Feeling ill
Take a pill

Suicide thought
Need to talk
‘You’re having a laugh’
‘We’re short of staff’

Have no fear
Just wait a year
‘You’re on the list’
‘Now don’t get p…..’

Do a drug
Feel so smug
You’re a mug
Get no hug

‘open wide’
Affects on the side?’
‘we’ll change your pill’
Really ill

Inject a drug
Chemical thug
Worse and worse
‘please help me nurse’

Electric shock
Brain block
‘How do you feel?’
Completely unreal

Nut case
You have no face
Human race?
You have no place!

‘You’re not sane’
‘But I have a name
Look and see
I am me’

‘Wake up, see the light
We have the right
We’re not the few

by J M G