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Gobble, Gobble !

By Mimosa

More chocolate, gobble, gobble !
More sweets, suck, suck !
More bed, snooze, snooze !
More staring into space, whatever.

Does it shift the pain?
Does it fill the crevices?
We know it bloody doesn't !

So gobble, gobble, suck, suck, snooze, snooze
into total oblivion......?

But there's something inside
or is it Someone
which won't let go.

And grabs me by the scruff of the neck
and says, 'come on, get up and get going'.

But then I slink away, I'm off into it again -
gobble, gobble, suck, sling the sweet wrappers,
hide the evidence!

Sleep, sleep, gobble, gobble.

But the pain,
it never goes away.
There must be another answer

God, is it you ?