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* rethink
Severe Mental Illness
(formerly NSF, the National Schizophrenia Fellowship)

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* ZYRA - for a wide-ranging list of mental health sites see Zyra's MAD LINKS page

* Alan's personal website

* Mental Health in the UK Cazie's comprehensive website specialising in mental health issues - was

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* Mental Health Page at the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy

* The Guardian - Please note that we, Perceptions Forum, are or at the very least, and we are NOT !!!

* Agent Vulga - was

Hearing Voices Network Domain has Gone! was

Gloucester Hearing Voices Group

Birmingham Voluntary Service Council

MAD PRIDE "Glorifying madness in all its forms"

'Connects' portal at

Mental Health Foundation website at

Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities website

* Purple Pippa - was

* Epping (was - Network for Mental Health

Act Up! for Mental - was

BIPED - "We work with people in various stages of progress with writing and art-work, photography, etc. If you would like to browse our site you are most welcome, and sign up if this is for you!"

The Dove and The Serpent - the official website of Maureen Oliver - was - now

* Survivors Network (was )


Well Scrambled

* - looks like it's been taken over by cybersquatters!

* Symon Price - was

* Mad NOT Bad - was

Ron Coleman

蠠What About Schizophrenia? by Vladimir A. Kulukin (was )

PsychHelp -

CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) 0800 58 58 58 Don't Suffer in Silence

OUTCRY; a conference of direct user and survivor voices, speaking out against prejudice and government proposals to increase compulsion.
(was )

The UK government has found a way to make people's mental health much worse, by a state-enforced smoking quit upon anyone detained in a mental health unit. The helpful people at WISH consider this is effectively Stubbing Out Our Rights - was . If you agree, you can sign the petition.

Sue Holt - poetry and insight

* Shamanic Studios - music recording - was

Colin Crawford is a member of Voices Forum recording his own music. His website is: - welcome back!

Routledge Mental Health - psychodrama

Gooseberry - the good and bad of PSI in mental health (was )

Asylum Online - has returned, but has gone - paranoia network
Did you know that all proceeds from "Don't Look Back in Anger" by Phil Pettican are being kindly donated to Voices Forum?!

Tree Biters - was - gone! a problem with geocities

* Mad For Arts (was

Hello, I am a service user and an artist. I have created a web-site in partnership with Ark gallery Ealing London. I would love to link up to your site and show and sell artwork by service users. We also exhibit. Our aim is to decorate the psychiatric hospitals and wards. Regards A. Armitage

Mental Health Action Group - was

Art Under the Sun - Service User Network International - gone

Pam's House - Carers - Experts by Experience

LifeCoach Directory - find a life coach near you

Flippinmental (was

Philip Goddard
"Full self healing and self realization without the excess baggage of 'spirituality' or religion...", for example:
My Little Brush With Psychiatry and Night Terrors and Hearing Voices

Action in Mental Health - was

Stiftung "Weerklank" at - website of the Dutch Hearing Voices Network - Foundation Resonance.

Netzwerk Stimmenhren at

Stemmerhoring at - Norwegian site hosted by Geir Fredriksen

Vivostar Affordable HostingIntervoice

Shaping Our Lives Network (gone?)

BPD - Borderline Personality Disorder World

Museum of The Mind - Bethlem Heritage (Bedlam)

Plus, some more contacts at Zyra's Mad Links

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