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Rethink severe mental illness - a British Charity

We thank Rethink for funding Perceptions Forum for many years, but now we move on to being an independent mad organisation!

Rethink is a carers' organisation to do with mental health. It used to be the NSF - National Schizophrenia Fellowship, but then it had a corporate makeover and the scary word "schizophrenia" was removed from the nomenclature. Shame really, because I thought it looked quite good. (I am a schizophrenic myself*).rethink

Anyway, Rethink does a lot of good. They help folks who are coming to terms with the fact that their dear relatives have gone mad, or had a mental episode, or otherwise been affected by any of a number of conditions described as "mental illness". Mental Illness affects many people, in various ways, so as they say on The National Lottery , "It Could Be You!"

As well as providing help to carers, Rethink is very good at helping to change attitudes in society, so stigma of mad people is removed, and instead folks are considered on their own merits. Rethink keeps a close eye on the media, and passes comment on things somewhat vocally. For example, when there's a good film that has proper sympathy with madness, such as A Beautiful Mind, they say "Well Done" and give it some extra publicity. But when there's a film that reinforces old-style negative stereotypes, such as "Me Myself and Irene", they make a big fuss and tell the folks not to be so prejudicial!Perceptions Forum logo

Now for years Rethink has funded Voices Forum / Perceptions Forum. Voices Forum / Perceptions Forum is a user-led organisation, which means it's run by mad people for mad people. Rethink funded it but did not control it, and for many years this was a glorious success!

Unfortunately there was one year when there was a particular person in the role of Chair of Perceptions Forum who made a bit of a mess of things, and in December of 2010 there was a terrible meeting at which there were some considerable misunderstandings, and Rethink decided to cease funding Perceptions Forum.

So, we have declared independence.

National Perceptions Forum is a Service User/Survivor run Organisation. It used to be funded by Rethink, but is now not funded by Rethink.

Rethink is... Registered in England Number 1127970. Registered Charity Number 271028. Registered Office 15th Floor, 89 Albert Embankment, London, SE1 7TP. Rethink is the operating name of National Schizophrenia Fellowship, a company limited by guarantee.

It has always been noted that although Perceptions Forum was funded by Rethink, it was not controlled by Rethink!

To look at the official site, go to

Also see Zyra's page about Rethink at

Our own page about Rethink is THIS PAGE which (if you'd like to link to it) is

We are / and we are now an independent Good Cause, although we are not officially a charity. We are, to paraphrase our previous benefactor... Perceptions Forum, the operating name of Voices Forum, an organisation limited only by imagination. However, as we are mad, our powers of imagination are spectacular, rivalling the Hubble Constant for the Expansion of the Universe.

* Yes, I agree with that. Incidentally, I am Zyra and I am a collective of partials, a multi-track entity. Although I am a schizophrenic, I don't say I suffer from schizophrenia. I enjoy it! Some of my friends might say they suffer from my schizophrenia, but only when they are not being tactful! (I am a paranoid as well).

Rethink has rather cleverly used a similar device in their shpiel, saying things like "Rethink - for people affected by mental illness". That's very clever, as people "affected by mental illness" includes the mad people themselves, but also their carers, friends, families, etc, as they are affected by mental illness too.