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We, Perceptions Forum, are a member of this Club!

And before anyone dares criticise this, let me tell you in no uncertain terms that in my considered opinion as a paranoid, we are in danger being persecuted on search engines and being shoved lower down the list because we have a website that has a reasonable respect for doing things properly!

A while ago, most of the pages at the Perceptions Forum website had to be "mended" to avoid search engine oblivion! This took a lot of doing!

Now we're making a concerted effort to fight back, and one of the things that's being done is to have an arrangement with and a few of the sites involved with Zyra to some extent.

By listing these sites here, these other sites are linking back to us, and that all helps to improve our position.

Here's a list of them...


Zyra Belize


Zyra Europe


Real Linux

Zyra India

Zyra Montenegro

And still being worked on ... , , , and a few other Real Linux domains.

Plus Xyroth's extra domains, .com, .org,, and

Xyroth Enterprises domains .net, .com, .org,, and - The main site being

and variants without the hyphen .net, .com, .org,, and

What's important here on this page is not the fact that we link to these websites but the fact that all of them LINK TO US!