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Mental Health & Employment Discrimination

Your report "From the Press" in Perceptions 10 shows employers say one thing but do another (when they claim they are not prejudiced against ex-psychiatric patients). I have struggled to find work, and have usually been refused because I am on medication for schizophrenia. I am much more experienced than many others seeking work though my years of voluntary work, but when doctors and occupational health reports are asked for I know I will not get the job.

I probably received my first part time job because I had done it on a voluntary basis for so many years. I am also refused insurance and other things because of my past problems, and employers take no note that my medication prevents these problems recurring to any great extent. I now help to run a charity for disabled people, and because I did not disclose my past mental health problems, I also have another small part-time job. My experience of the past 25 years shows employers may say they are open minded and will help people with mental health problems - but this is not the case.