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PERCEPTIONS magazine first started as "VOICES' VOICES". People who have experienced schizophrenia have the chance to have a say, and to be published and read by other people who have (or have had) schizophrenia. The magazine contains many diverse viewpoints, and has articles, poems, pictures, and all sorts of interesting stuff by various people. The circulation of hard-copies of the glossy magazine PERCEPTIONS is now about 700 in the UK, and expanding all the time. Some of the articles now enjoy a worldwide publication as they have been published on THIS website and can be seen on the ARTICLES page.

PERCEPTIONS magazine is free to members of Perceptions, and membership of Perceptions is free. Take a look at the LEAFLET to see if you are interested.

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Although it might be said in a rumoured sense "It's free! You'd be mad not to have it!" this would be a mangling of the truth about it, which is that the magazine is free (UK) if you have (or have had) a mental illness of some sort, but otherwise it costs 8 (eight pounds) per year (UK). (International subscriptions to Perceptions Magazine are available at special rates on application). Carers and workers may still consider this is worthwhile, because as well as being an interesting magazine, the subscription also helps to fund Perceptions Forum which does a lot of good!

There is also the Perceptions e-newsletter, which is a free opt-in e-mail newsletter with a working method a bit like the Circular at Zyra's Website where you OPT-IN to get updates at irregular intervals. If you're interested in that, have a look at this page on the Perceptions e-Newsletter