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This poem was entered into Martha Robinson Poetry Competition 2006, and was given a Commendation.

Summer 1980

By Jaycee Superstar

I gave away my camera today
It was like I was acting in a play
I was doing things that I never do
My close student friends didn’t have a clue
I befriended tramps, winos on benches
I chatted up the Lamb and Flag’s wenches
I felt on top of the world- fantastic
My mind expanded like cheap elastic
But it was all a snare and delusion
My nascent insight was an illusion
I thought that the devil dwelt in horses
And I was encompassed by strange forces
Invisible but real enough to me
I thought I held the Universe’s key
But chlorpromazine brought me back to earth
And then showed me my miserable worth
Back in the real world it’s not as much fun
But my sanity is very hard won.