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Voices Self-Management Conference 2000

Voices Self-Management Conference at Manchester 2000/10/05

This picture is on the front page of Perceptions Magazine! (2001 Spring)

The main event was a rousing speech by Ron Coleman on "RECOVERY - AN ALIEN CONCEPT?", and there was a splendid support act by Carol Batton who performed poetry and sang. There were workshops in which groups discussed various themed issues, and there was also a good lunch.

You can view more information on the conference in various ways:

Download a complete .TXT file of the report to read later

Read the entire report on-line even though it's quite big

See a higher-resolution version of the photograph (on Zyra's site)

The report contains a summary of Ron Coleman's speech, notes taken at the workshops, and a composite summary of the comments made on the customer-foldback forms.