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Self Assembly - by Phil LancasterVoices Forum Artists
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Mr P Lancaster,

I am a student at Grantham College and I am currently doing an Art course. Our class has been discussing using art as a survival technique and we looked at your work, I was interested in it.

I learned a lot about Schizophrenia and I think it is great idea for this forum to be made, for either people who have a mental illness or for people who are interested in art and the survival technique.

I enjoy being creative but I am not a strong painter I am more a crafts person, I always thought art has strong purpose in peoples live and in our college art as a subject is discriminated against because other people think its not a career or it’s a pointless activity to do. I think that Art is the best way to relieve stress of everyday life and is very therapeutic.
Self Assembly
Self Assembly piece I enjoyed a lot, I feel it represents the parts of people that are hidden away, or ashamed of. This picture does give me an uneasy feeling but it makes me feel that I’m not alone in that other people hide behind a mask, and gives me some relief.
Good luck for the future and I hope to many more of your work.

Yours Sincerely,

Nikki Ellison