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How to get to the Friends Meeting House, Oxford

Phone Oxford UK 01865 557373

The Friends Meeting House, OxfordThe Regaining Control Conference (see REPORT) location = the Friends Meeting House, Oxford. So, we thought it would be handy if we explained how you could get there.

1. Make a note of the fact that the meeting will be at the Friends Meeting House.

2. Take a look at these pictures of the Friends Meeting House and remember what the place looks like.

3. Print out the map (X marks the spot).

4. Go to Oxford.Another picture of The Friends Meeting House, Oxford

5. If the map has been lost by then, ask people where the Friends Meeting House is. If they don't know, ask where the Quakers' place is, and/or where the Eagle & Child is.

Another helpful thing to know is that it's not a bad idea to arrive very early and then explore the historic sights of Oxford. It takes about twenty minutes to walk from Oxford station to the place, but it's very scenic.

Special note: To contact the Friends Meeting House Oxford UK, phone 01865 557373 (International +44 (0) 1865 557373). This page is not on the Quakers' website, but is part of Voices Forum

Map... X marks the spot:
Map of Oxford