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To be honest, we're having a bit of trouble with this form-filling page. Despite some kind help from Lowtech, we are still stuck, and this form-filling page still does not work. Largely the reason for the problem seems to be that FastHosts have made some adjustments (without telling us), which although well-meaning and designed to stop spam-senders from misusing forms to send ridiculous messages to folks in bulk, the end result has been that we are unable to use this form-filling page for the LEGITIMATE PURPOSE OF LETTING YOU SIGN UP TO OUR MAGAZINE AND NEWSLETTER!

In fact, the form has been out of action since 2008/03/04, so it seems, so if you have filled a form since then, please let us know and we'll try to sort it out. Well, we're not going to be completely stuck and put out of business by this silly problem. You can still sign up to Voices/Perceptions Forum e-Newsletter and Perceptions printed glossy magazine using the form-filling page at Zyra.org.uk , which works! (this was also out of action, but for a shorter time, and it's working now). So, if you'd like to fill in the form there, you can select the things you want and press "Energise" on the page Zyra.org.uk/form.htm, or if you prefer you can write to the address given at the page Zyra.org.uk/circular.htm and say what you want!














The rest of this page contains the remains of the old form filling page, which doesn't work, but we're leaving it up so we can do tests and hopefully get it working at some time! Please don't use it, as it doesn't work, even though it says it does. Although this is our own independent form-filling page and is entirely distinct from the form-filling page at Zyra's website where you can still sign up for all sorts of stuff including Perceptions Forum, this page currently has the spam-filtering regime of FastHosts, which makes it non-functional for our purposes. Sorry about that!

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Users, ex-users, and survivors, can have full membership of National Perceptions Forum (free) and others can have associate membership which includes the mailout of Perceptions Magazine. This is free to carers. To all others there is a charge of 8 per annum. Full Membership of National Perceptions Forum is free. Access to this website is available to ALL! Perceptions Forum = Voices Forum!

+ International subscriptions to Perceptions Magazine are available at special rates on application.

- As robots sometimes visit these pages and send in silly form fillings, you can show us you are genuinely interested by ticking some of the boxes! In fact, you MUST tick some of the boxes, otherwise we'll be ignoring the form-filling. We'll also ignore any forms that come in with the "spam robot" option selected. These unusual extra conditions have had to be added around 2006/2007 because of fallacious form-filling requests by robots working for some hacking/spamming racket. Another option which also avoids the spam robot form filling problem is available. Visit Zyra's form filling page which has all of the options and more, but doesn't have the spam robot problem! Incidentally, the Perceptions Forum form filling page has been moved from the old form-filling page where spam senders now get a telling-off!