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Gay People and Schizophrenia

Food (for Thought) (by R.G)

Homosexuality is, when repressed a cause of schizophrenia, according to Freud. But homosexuality, like schizophrenia, is subject to the nature nurture argument and like many other things in society, has not been resolved in these terms. Freud concluded that schizophrenia, like homosexuality was due to nurture. However, current medical opinion seem more and more to point towards a genetic cause for both of them.

A possible genetic cause for homosexuality has been reported in the gay press, but most gays probably are not much interested in all this, because they know what they feel and the cause does not matter much. They just get on with their lives and do what they feel they have to and that's it.

Certainly, it seems that there is a disproportionate number of homosexuals in psychiatric care as compared with the number in the general population. This could be because (and most likely is in my opinion), due to society's still negative view about gays and lesbians and the lack of love and understanding for our fellow human beings generally, when it come to sexuality.

Freud related it all to his Oedipus complex, the influences of the father and mother, but his thinking on the subject was for male homosexuality, part of an integrated whole, but his view of lesbianism was less clear.

I welcome the coming of (it seems imminent) the lowering of the age of consent for male homosexuals to 16, as lesbians and heterosexuals are able to engage in sex at that age. It is most likely to bring about a drop in the suicide rate of young men in this country, as well as being a strong boost for basic human rights.