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Does society care?

by Tracy

Who cares about the lost sensitive souls who are labelled?
Discrimination, marginalised & treated as social lepers, discounted, living in deprivation without a hopeful future.
Welcome to the world of mental ill health.
Some days, it’s not about mental ill health.
Some days it is not about money.
Some days it is just about life!
A life, which has been tarnished by mental ill health.
The stigma imposed by society is still very pronounced.
This often has lifelong implications.
Isolation, deprivation and poor psychical ill health!
Our futures are stunted by people’s negative perceptions and ignorance.
Who will accept and embrace us?
Will anybody employ us?
But we do recover.
Often intelligent and very able, we have just lost our way.
Don’t discount us!
It could be you!
‘There by the grace of God go I’.
But does society really care?

By Tracy