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Sue Makevit

Sue Makevit

A bit about me and my research.

 Towards the end of my degree in psychology with clinical psychology, I became aware of the fact that as a student I’d been given the opportunity to hear the voice of every so called expert on mental health problems/problems of living. But during these years, the voice that I most wanted to hear was missing; it was that belonging to people who have actually experienced these problems.

 Now I’m at Manchester Metropolitan University working on a PhD exploring ‘stories’ told by people that have experienced mental health problems/problems of living. I am interested in discovering the many different ways that people represent their experiences and the meanings that they give to them.

 My primary task is to explore the way that societies interpret ‘madness’ and specifically the impact this makes upon the lives of people experiencing mental health problems/problems of living.

This research could have a significant role to play in narrowing cultural divides, by giving insight into the way societies produce interpretations / representations of ‘madness’ and how these can be altered. Using an inclusive language that promotes the ‘mentally ill’ as similar, as opposed to different, may be one starting point from which current social practices may be challenged (Tuffin and Danks, 1999).

 I’m interested in the voices forum because it is creative and unique, a community in itself, and has a great deal to offer others in a similar position, and general societies. If you would like to become involved in any way, either by offering guidance, or by participating (by telling your ‘story’ in your own words and by exploring statements by other forum members and telling how much they mean to YOU) or if you would just like to know more, please contact me by

Email at Sue Makevit's hotmail address


Or by post at

Sue Makevit

Discourse Unit

Division of Psychology and Social Change

Manchester Metropolitan University

Hathersage Road

Manchester M13OJA

Update! You can now see the much-vaunted Sue Makevit Letters which were written by students and are an interesting cultural insight.