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Mickstup Mouse is a bit upset about all the swearing going on on the London Underground and sees that suspicious behaviour must be reported. However on trying to report it, an unusual interpretation of events is revealed.

Suspicious Behaviour must be reported...

[Scene: Mickstup Mouse on the Tube]

Characters are swearing and wildly gesticulating.

Mickstup Mouse: ? (expression of astonishment)

[More odd behaviour going on with !!!!! (shhh) etc]

[Mickstup Mouse notices a sign that says "Please inform a member of staff if you notice any suspicious behaviour"]

[Mickstup Mouse running for the exit up an escalator]

[Mickstup Mouse arrives at a staff information stand]

Mickstup Mouse: ?!?

Official Sign: Please ensure that you have the correct ticket or we will tie you up and tickle your toes, you lazy scrounger!

Character standing nearby: !# !# !# !#
(sign reads "Tourette's Syndrome convention ==>")