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John Exell

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I was born of very working class parents, did extremely well in the 11+, but experimented with drugs in my teens, I was 18 in the magic hippy summer of ’67, and ended up in Mental Hospital, diagnosed with Schizophrenia. In my late 20’s, I returned to college to study Architecture, my childhood ambition, gaining an Honours degree and post-graduate diploma and then worked in Architecture. I am now retired at the age of 60, in the year 2009. I presently do voluntary work, help run a Hearing Voices Group, sculpt, write and paint.

At present, I am on anti-psychotics. I have tried to cut them down and come off them many times, but each time I have failed miserably. For the moment, I have given up trying.

Seeing a Nutritionist from the Institute of Optimum Nutrition (ION) helped me a lot. I also see a Homeopath. I gave up street drugs and alcohol a very long time ago. I am a strict vegetarian, and don't eat eggs either. I now try to lead a moral and ethical life, not always successfully. I also meditate. I am a member of Mensa, the high IQ society, left handed and a trainee mystic.

Some of my past poems contain some violent imagery. I wrote these before 9/11. Since then, I have decided that there is far too much violence in the world. I found it sad that it took this for me to realise it, when there has always been far too much violence. I now try to be totally non-violent in thought, word and deed. Also, some of my past writings can be construed as being Anti-Christian and anti the Holy Bible. This is a mistake. There is a lot of goodness, love and wisdom in Christianity and the Holy Bible.

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