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John Exell

If madness didn't exist, neither would sanity.

If sanity didn't exist, neither would madness.

I'll say that again.

It is only because sanity exists that madness does too.

It is only because madness exists that sanity exists.

They are not opposites but complements,

Just as high could not exist without a low

And vice versa.

Most phenomena can be put on a bell curve,

With the extremes at either end.

We can do this with mental health.

At one extreme we have the person in a straight jacket,

In a padded cell, in a special hospital,

Completely oblivious of his perceived state,

In a complete world of their own.

At the other end, we have Christ and the Buddha,

In a permanent state of wisdom and bliss.

Most of us float somewhere between these two extremes,

Neither mad nor sane,

Or both.

Where is the dividing line,

If there is one?

Have not the so called sane

Got a bit of madness in them.

And the so called mad

A bit of sanity.

And have we not also

Got a small piece of the man in the cell in us all.

And also a small piece of Christ and the Buddha too.