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Can this be a HALLUCINATORY MOUSE?!Welcome to the Voices Forum MAD GAME! Well done whoever suggested the idea of having a mad game on this site!

This game has no prize apart from the glory and fame of having won it, and if you're on a phone line that you have to pay good money for you are advised to avoid spending too long on it!


To play HUNT THE HALLUCINATORY MICE, you have to search the VOICES FORUM site (there's quite a lot of it). And find all FOUR of the Hallucinatory Mice. (For convenience of playing the game, on the site these differ from actual Hallucinatory Mice in that you actually know when you've found them all!).

Can this be a HALLUCINATORY MOUSE?!Each Hallucinatory Mouse has a two-digit number. Make a note of all four of the numbers, place them in ascending order, and then type into the Internet Address box:


...except that instead of 11223344 you put the four numbers corresponding to the numbers of the mice.

Can this be a HALLUCINATORY MOUSE?!Example: Suppose the numbers of the mice were 42, 99, 10, and 57, you'd put www.voicesforum.org.uk/10425799.htm into the Internet address box.

Other cluesCan this be a HALLUCINATORY MOUSE?!:

GOOD LUCK!Can this be a HALLUCINATORY MOUSE?!Start searching here

Start searching here:

Announcement: We have our first WINNER at the game of Hunt The Hallucinatory Mice!

Well Done to Chris Barchard ! Chris won this game by "hard work and perseverance", but this may not be the only method of winning this game. We await other winners to write in! ... if there are any ... or is Chris unique in being the only person to ever win the game of Hunt The Hallucinatory Mice ?! Not quite...

Also Well Done to Mary Simmons ! Mary says: "I checked this web site. Then I found out about HALLUCINATORY MICE game and give a try. I read some of the things on this web site. Then when I played the game, I did was the fastest way is to search all the site until I found all the mice. It took me about 10 minutes to 30 minutes. It is crazy and so painstaking. It drove me crazy. That is good, it helps the viewer to get idea of what's like to be schizophrenic".