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Chris Barchard

at the Perceptions Forum

Chris has been involved with Voices for several years and has survived the mental health service for decades. He has contributed a lot of stuff to the Voices magazine over the years, some more of which will be on here soon! "I have taken an interest in the things psychiatry does to people and their drugs, methods and outlook but not as an enthusiast, rather to get some idea as to where the hell they are coming from"

Here are some items by Chris Barchard:

The New Drugs - A View on Atypical Antipsychotic Drugs

I Went For Help - Jargon experienced first-hand

After the Asylum - a year on - Personal Experiences

User Representation - A Satirical Glimpse

Is Work the Holy Grail? - about attitudes in society

Some Kind of Way Out - cooperate means "obey"

Whose Distorted Perception? - Should we fear schizophobics

The Zombie Syndrome - Treatment? Disease?

Is it really all in the Genes? - Read this and decide what you think

The idea of self-management - Chris raises concerns in a letter

Tranks for the Help - Irony can be very effective

User Empowerment - no consensus about it

A Life Beyond Psychiatry - the mental health system is not what it pretends to be

Is there a Limit to Empowerment?

As Dawn Comes - poem

Aripiprazole - Is this the next thing in Antipsychotics?

Chris Barchard's Gallery - Full Colour Abstract Art

Feeding the Birds of Prey - Live Action photo

Total Eclipse of the Moon - Astronomical observations

Piano Pieces in G, D minor, and F - from the CD - Download MP3 here

Can you always believe your psychiatrist?

Chris Barchard's Leaving Statement

Dolly Sen's autobiography THE WORLD IS FULL OF LAUGHTER - review

The Enslavement of The Sick

Drugs for Psychoses; old and new - a view by someone who has taken many of them


The Birds - Chris Barchard shooting birds from a church tower

Butterfly - macro photography

Well Done to Rachel! - eulogy

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Congratulations to Chris for being the first winner of the game of Hunt The Hallucinatory Mice !!!