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Well Done to Rachel!

Eulogy for Rachel Brett by Chris Barchard


Between 2004 and 2009, during the last part of my time as Chair of Voices/Perceptions Forum, I had the pleasure of working with Rachel who manned our office space at Rethink’s national office. It was a good experience. She was responsive and always got things done. She understood what her brief was and never used her position as an employee of Rethink to influence what we were doing. She supported and believed in the autonomous service user/survivor voice. (We always attempted to give a broad range of unedited views of members through Perceptions Magazine and this website .) It was a very productive time at Voices/Perceptions. We organised a conference and a special event to mark 21 years of Voices/Perceptions, which included live music from Biff Gladman (who is a member). We also greatly expanded this website and made improvements to the look of Perceptions magazine. Rachel’s administration and position as the centre of communication between the organisation, its members and the public was invaluable. She did much more than answer the phone to callers, offering empathy and support to many. The membership peaked at over 700 during this time. It was reduced when we decided non-service users/survivors should pay for membership but remained stable at over 600 after this. I was sorry when Rethink made her redundant after they had suspended Voices/Perceptions earlier this year (2011).

I agree with Chris! Well Done to Rachel! And shame upon Rethink for having made her redundant.

Incidentally, a "Eulogy" is a speech in praise of a person, whether they are alive or otherwise. See

Rachel, if you are reading this, please get in touch, as we'd like to keep in contact via an independent address, and all of our e-mail Rachel Brett e-mail addresses go to Rethink.