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by David John

Let there be love
In darkness,
To light the way
To a brighter day.

A mentally ill person sits alone,
Head bowed in agony,
No-one comes
To ease the despair.

The 'phone rings:
A man says,
'We'd like to help you.
Can we come?'

'Yes, please!'
They come,
A man and a woman.

An audible touch
Of love:
Gentle words of comfort
And hope.

A visible touch:
A warm smile
Of friendship.

A tangible touch
From a hand:
Healing flowing.

The mentally ill person
To feel better,
There is
A mountain
To climb
From the bottom,
But now
There is hope.

'Thank you!
I won't forget.
Please come again!'

The light shines
In the darkness,
And the darkness
Has not overcome.

Thanks be to Love.


David John