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From: ZYRA
To: Voices People
Thursday, November 13, 2003 11:56 PM
Subject: Voices e-Newsletter 22 - (secret goings-on uncovered)

Another evocative picture2003/11/10 23:47 Publication of Issue 22 of www.voicesforum.org.uk

Hi to Voices People!

At long last and by considerable effort, the Voices Forum website Issue22 is published! And before the Meeting on 19th November so that's a relief then!

Ooh good, I'm pleased about that. Much chuffedness.

In this issue, more shock horror probe than usual, with extra read all about it. Incarcerated inmate speaks out, plus the dread case of the secretly stolen brains, and insights into new drugs, new music, and some first-hand accounts of experiences most people have never encountered!

Voices Forum website now has 629 site index entries. See www.voicesforum.org.uk/sindex.htm , there being more stuff than ever before. Quite a mix of stuff, so without further ado let's get on with expounding some of the virtues of this new Issue...

First, the scandal of the secretly stolen brains. This is the sort of thing among many other things I as a paranoid myself worry about. 24,000 brains were allegedly stolen. I take this sort of thing very seriously and will be taking extra security measures to stop them stealing my brain! To read more about the scandalous story, see www.voicesforum.org.uk/24brains.htm

On a happier note, new developments in drugs, in particular ARIPIPRAZOLE, which may (or may not) be the new way of things. Things, oh yes. See www.voicesforum.org.uk/arizole.htm

Music! More sounds to have a listen to, now including all three movements of Christopher Barchard's Piano Piece in G www.voicesforum.org.uk/chris-cd.htm , and Biff Gladman's She Used to be an Angel www.voicesforum.org.uk/biff-cd.htm

Lorna has a new page, indeed the page LORNA's VOICE is like a website within a website. You can see this at www.voicesforum.org.uk/lorna.htm

Next, an additional Positive View by R at www.voicesforum.org.uk/positvew.htm , speaks well of Sophie, who we wish well to.

Discrimination in employment is worrying, isn't it? See www.voicesforum.org.uk/discrim.htm , the fact that employers tend to have been found to say one thing but do another.

The Country is a poem by Timothy Hayes extolling rustication in preference to urbanisation at www.voicesforum.org.uk/country.htm , and Martin Maloney expresses the application of Psycho-Headphones to practical problems of noisy neighbours at www.voicesforum.org.uk/headpho.htm , and then again there's a more sombre metaphysical approach by Patrick Wood in his travellings To The Gates of Death and Beyond. www.voicesforum.org.uk/gatdeath.htm

Andrea Chell has some personal experiences to tell, expressed in the remarkable story The Hyacinth Garden www.voicesforum.org.uk/hyacinth.htm

Bob Sexton's diary tells of coming off medication, Parts 1 and 2 to be seen here: www.voicesforum.org.uk/sexton1.htm and www.voicesforum.org.uk/sexton2.htm (as if that second link wasn't obvious, eh?!)

Personal experiences are also expressed by C.R., whose poetry A Day In The Life shows some of the things some of us are familiar with. Very familiar, some of these ideas, don't you think?. I certainly think so. See www.voicesforum.org.uk/daylife.htm

Next, the news that we have managed to get a message out from an establishment of incarceration. This "View From The Inside" shows some very revealing observations about the insidious goings on in a "Special Hospital" (that's Newspeak for "a jail"). To some mental points of view this reads like the writings of a dissident political prisoner held by an oppressive government. Scary stuff! See www.voicesforum.org.uk/inside.htm - Read it now before "They" hush it up! Many things are kept secret!

Meanwhile, at the Maudsley Debate, on trying to decide whether schizophrenia exists or not, people were in two minds about it. In the end not even a casting vote could decide. Never before has an issue been quite as split as the vote on whether schizophrenia exists or not! See www.voicesforum.org.uk/splitv.htm (editorial note: I, in contrast, am unanimous about it)

And, a new way of administering of drugs may become popular, according to Hywel Moelwyn Hughes, although we must note this write-up about "psychospliffs" is in the HUMOUR category! See www.voicesforum.org.uk/devels.htm

Well, there it is, then. A Voices e-Newsletter is completed. I hope some of this proves to be useful, interesting, worthwhile. Always new stuff being added! An ever-expanding user-led mental health resource and all that jazz.

Regards to ALL,

Try to be cheerful. I'll try.




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