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Big Brother - Lunatic Asylum style. by Tawana

You’ve all enjoyed the Big Brother Program on Channel 4, now Useless Eaters Productions is proposing a new program Big Brother Lunatic Asylum Style for Channel 6.

The idea is quite simple take 15 disturbed or rebellious people, put them together on a ward at St Martins’ Hospital, give them no tasks or things to do, pump them full of toxic psychiatric medications, observer them and then the staff and psychiatrist vote them out, one by one. Being voted out depends on the contestants being submissive and complaint, devoid of any imaginative thought or will-power and the acceptance of psychiatric medications once they have been evicted. The last contestant winning a super prize!

The contestants will be woken at 9am each morning and told to get up by the production staff that will also cook their meals and give them medication. They will not be allowed much contact with the outside world, one newspaper, a TV and a radio will be supplied. A table- tennis table, multi-gym and pool table will also be available, but this is meant as an experiment into how the contestants will react due to their inability to concentrate and lethargy brought about by the medications. The doors to the outside world will be locked at all times and contestants will only be allowed out with a member of the production staff if they are close to being evicted. Notes will be made on each contestant by the production staff who will obverse them continually. These notes will be marked confidential but this will not be true all of the program staff will have access.

If a contestant has had enough and wishes to leave he or she will not be considered for eviction that week and will be considered for a time in seclusion if they become aggressive. It is a sign of non-compliance.
If a patient becomes depressed, about his or her situation, this will be viewed as unacceptable and the punishment will be either increased toxic medications or closed-head brain damage, known to production staff as Electro-Convulsive Therapy. The production staff will have the keys to all bedrooms, bathrooms, the outside world, the kitchen and the laundry. Thus stripping the contestants of any privacy.

Contestants fighting amongst themselves is acceptable but if they are aggressive towards production staff then their punishment will be instant medication and a night in seclusion. Money is rationed by Finance, smoking is acceptable but drinking is not. I.e. the production (Psychiatrist) chooses the brain damaging chemicals to enter the contestant brains not the contestants. Sex is unacceptable between contestants for the simply reason they are contestants and not normal. The medication will hopefully strip male contestants of any sexually desire or ability. Contestants will not be allowed to harm themselves in any way. Harm to the contestants is through the medication and ECT only and may only be prescribed by the producer.

Contestants do not have to agree to take part in this competition, The Producers can decide who will take part by serving a “Section” on the contestant. Program Security, known to contestants as The Police will enforce any decision made by the Producer.

The last remaining contestants will be deemed “Treatment Resistive” and will have won the competition. The prize will be a long term stay in the Big Brother Lunatic Asylum Ward and perhaps a trip to a more secure ward where the contestants has the opportunity to be bullied by sadistic production staff until he or she is voted out by the program Director (The Home Secretary).
Contestants will be so unconcerned about themselves that compensation claims for any permanent medication-induced side effects such as tardive dyskinesea, tardive akathisea, tardive dystonia, tardive dementia, neuro-malignant syndrome or brain shrinkage are unlikely to succeed allowing the program to take place on Channel 6 indefinitely .

It should be an amusing and profitable experiment for everyone on the production staff.

The Producers decision is final.

This program is sponsored by
Bring Brain damage to the masses.