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One of Colin's poems from Sola Bluejay

Just thought I'd write and let you know what a great help your magazine is.

I get a lot of poems from one of the voices that I hear (his name is Colin). He helps me get through the bad times with the other two voices that I hear. I thought you might like to see one of Colin's poems, you can use it in your magazine if you think it good enough.

Thanks for your help.

Its only time that heals the pain
And makes the sun shine bright again.
Let the sun shine on all of you
Who have to put up with their abuse
Let those voices be washed away
Into the sea of hope every day
Don't let them drown you out
Be strong don't give them the clout
Just walk away from their power
Without you they would just be a shower
That falls on the barren desert here.
Don't give in to their twisted minds
Stay clear and focused on the light you could send
And be there fighting to the end.

(from Colin)

Sometimes thoughts are twisted
Sometimes feelings are distorted
Sometimes visions are blurred
Sometimes we get through it all
Sometimes we don't


Sola Bluejay