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Poem by Mark Churchill

Dreams are what people make of it
Some bad and some yet good
What are dreams?
Dreams can bring out peoples’ ultimate pleasures yet peoples’ inner-most-fears.

Some dreams come true but some never do
Some of us even dream of chaos and destruction
Some can cause us to have a mental breakdown
Some can even cause us to commit suicide

We can never truly know if our dreams are telling us things from the future or fantasies we have yet we slave our guts out to find out what our dreams mean
Our dreams could be images to what’s to come in life
It could be our fears and fantasies in life
Yet we can not predict if it will happen.

While our fantasies or our struggles to gain what we want in our dreams is a very hard road for us all
but why give up when you can grasp it if you believe in yourself
grasp to become well
grasp to have your perfect job
grasp to have a family what you can deeply picture in your dreams

Believe in yourself and you will grasp your dreams and fantasies
Don’t give into your fears, voices or people who put you down
Believe in yourself and the future will be yours to determine