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Mickstup Mouse stands for Parliament

Mickstup Mouse stands for Parliament

Mickstup Mouse commenting from behind newspaper the Daily Confessional: COR! This newspaper says that scroungers are taking over the planet!

Mickstup Mouse (stands up resolutely): Something's got to be done!

Mickstup Mouse: I'll Stand for Parliament!

We see Mickstup Mouse on a political stand, with the flag of the Aquamarine Laboral Conservacrat party behind him and the slogan "March Forward not Backward!" and in front the microphones of press media.

Mickstup Mouse: If elected, I will force ALL scroungers to get jobs and mortgages and will reward the hardworking taxpayer with council tenancies and a life of ease on benefit!

(Scene cuts to some rubber-necked bystanders talking to each other on hearing the speech)

Bystander 1: Doesn't he know that you're not allowed to take a seat in parliament if you're of unsound mind?

Bystander 2: That's never stopped all of them there now!