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From: ZYRA
To: Perceptions Forum People
December 2009
Subject: Perceptions Forum e-Newsletter issue 34

[ Stuck in Time ]2009/12/18 18:34 Publication of Issue 34 of which is actually the same as

Hi to ALL!

There is some good news, which is the issue 34 of the Perceptions Forum site is now online, so you can browse around the four hundred and something pages as you please.

There's a full list of all of the stuff at

New on this issue, a variety of items...

The continuing adventures of Mickstup Mouse and Frisco Duck can be seen at

Poetry is there to be appreciated at such pages as Cinderella by R v B , In My Quite Garden by Peter V, and The System by Stephen H. Full list at

There are pictures, including In This World and Boxes with Sunset both by Chris Barchard, and Stuck in Time by Maggie.

Critique, commentary, and stories can be read, illustrating matters of freedom of speech, for example Psychiatry and the Disempowered Writer by Grégor Samsa , Doctor Do 2 Little by Paul, and the intriguing Flying Saucer Answers by Robart. There is an interesting insight about Children and Insanity by Peter D, and the rather touching story "No mobile phones or lighters allowed" by Angel.[ Boxes with Sunset ]

Sometimes the timing goes a bit wrong, and items are published mid-issue, so in case these have not been given a mention on last issue's e-newsletter, there are the following:

Birds in Flight where Chris has managed to catch pigeons without stopping them.

Picture of a Butterfly - remarkable close-up.

The World is Full of Laughter by Dolly Sen.

Plus, the abstract picture "Death"

Chris Barchard has also written a choice piece GOOD REASON TO FEEL PISSED OFF - ESPECIALLY WITH PSYCHIATRY

There are announcements, of changes, as Chris is leaving the job of Chair, and Amy Ford is leaving the job of Treasurer. To find out who will be taking on these positions of responsibility, see . Also, Chris has made a Leaving Statement at

Finally, to end on a positive note, Phil L has found a method by which it is possible to stop smoking. The timing of this is excellent, as saving of money is quite topical in this time of economic tightness.

A full list of all the new stuff can be seen at

[ Perceptions Logo ]Well, that's about it for this issue.

Have fun! Kind Regards to ALL!


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