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To The Tree - by Chris Barchard17th January 2007

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Dear Forum Artists,

I have recently read about the way that some of you use art as a survival technique and I think that this is a great idea because I find that art is a way to release all of my suppressed emotions and thus helps me to relax. I found all of the pieces to be very individual and all totally amazing; I’m sure that I could get lost in them for hours on end.

One of the pieces of work that I particularly enjoy looking at is “
To The Tree” by Chris Barchard. This piece makes me feel so relaxed because of all the patterns and flowing lines especially in the tree. Everything in the picture goes towards the tree in the centre, which is the main focal point in the image and is my favourite part because of its tonal values and the way some of the branches are twisted to form beautiful curves.

To The Tree

“To the Tree” Chris Barchard

Yours faithfully,

Theresa Grimshaw