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Art, paintings, pictures by mad people

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Criddles - Peter Cridland is said to be blaming Alfie.
Mickstup Mouse and More Mickstup Mouse and The Further Adventures of Mickstup Mouse

Edwin Martin - portrait by Peter Cridland

Maureen Oliver - paintings

Stephen Owen - symbolic logo

Chris Barchard's Gallery - Full Colour Abstract Art

Feeding the Birds of Prey - Live Action photo

The Birds - Chris Barchard shooting birds from a church tower

Butterfly - macro photography

Dr Shoid and Space Angel - by Stephen Owen

John Exell - some pictures linked from page

Invasion of the Monastery - interesting imagery by Amy Ford

Eclipse of the Moon - photographs taken by Chris Barchard of the actual eclipse of Luna 2007

Quid Quid Latine Dictum Sit, Altum Videtur - Intuitive painting by Canadave

Dave's self-portrait

Humanity - nudes in an artistic setting by Canadave

Indulgence - detailed surrealism by Canadave

The Ice of Life - by Canadave

Stuck In Time - by Maggie

Red Vase - by Pat

At The Sea - by Pat

Robot - by Rob

The Enslavement of The Sick - mental health act considered as if run by a Nazi regime

Surrealist Art by Phil Lancaster - digital images

The Medtrix and Usual Suspects - by Matty B

Rhinos - by Michael Hill

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