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About personal pages at the Perceptions Site...

The main purpose of the personal pages at the Perceptions Forum website is to allow people to have their own personal websites without having to get a computer and construct a site. Remember that if you are the owner of a Perceptions personal site, you have the freedom to alter it, add things to it, remove it, etc. And if you have a page, you don't have to have a picture, but if you do, then you can decide if it's right! Digital imagery allows adjustments to be made. Would YOU like a personal site here? Do you qualify? Chances are that if you have a desire to have a page, you probably will qualify. ASK! CONTACT US! If we've already reserved a space for you, check the colour scheme and text and change it to your own taste! If you don't like the picture, that can be changed too!

Note that e-mails sent to you via Perceptions Forum will be filtered by our web guardian at our office, so you won't get any spam, junk e-mail, hoax/malicious stuff, or anything really bad arriving.

Also, it has to be mentioned that having a personal webpage at the Perceptions Forum is entirely voluntary, and you DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE ONE! No-one expects or assumes you to have a page; It's your choice. You can keep yourself a secret if you like. So, to sum this up:

* If you want a page, and you qualify, you can have one.

* If you don't want a page, you don't have to have a page.

(My personal recommendation is that you have a page, but you don't tell people where you live or what your phone number is!)