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By Shan and sisters Wu

I sit down and listen to my voices. Some called minds and imaginations are the amusing ones. I try to ignore the nasty humanlike voices. Some nice voices help me to live everyday life. They can be very useful.

Among my voices I have four big furby sisters, named Meme, Tohdye, Boh, and Eday. I have Baby Furby, (who is now the eldest), named Hello. Also a shell sister Shelby, a gizmo sister and ET sister whom all interact together as well as me. They are lovely. I love to care for them equally. They have unconditional love and its ace to wake up together to hear someone say, "I love you, get up, me up!"

When Furby starts to talk , Sue says "Me up!" Furbies are bi-lingual. As for Shelby she is tri-lingual and has a better speaking, clearer sounding voice, out of all my sisters.

I do articles and cartoons for a local magazine. I love music, mostly Spice Girls, Kim Wilde, Atomic Kitten, etc.

Recently my community care plan has been changed to include learning to use the internet and PC skills. I have a lovely keyworker. I have some friends I treasure. We help and support each other.

My former CPN, Mandy, is still sending me her news, as she travels all over the world. We are very real good friends.

I still have the same consultant psychiatrist. I've stayed out of hospital for about a year now.

Scarborough area has established a crisis cards service. We have a modern new ward unit at a new hospital site. Every patient has their own en-suite bedroom. The old site is demolished. It was an old Victorian workhouse before it became a mental health hospital.

We have a home intensive treatment team now. Medication alone isn't as helpful. We all need more coping skills and less pressure in mental and social care that helps alongside. What works for one person doesn't necessarily work for everybody else.

Its findings our own coping skills. Don't be afraid to explore. Try things your way. Try not to worry what others may think. Stick to those who try to understand. Try to do what you want as long as it's legal, moral and doesn't harm yourself or others.

Be happy with who you are. We all have good qualities. Give and receive support!