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David Blunkett asserts that benefits claimants watch daytime tv, but Mickstup Mouse has a Quantum Peephole and can see if that's actually true or not!

Mickstup Mouse Quantum Peephole

About to be hoicked away blind man with farting slavering guide dog: It's about time incapacity benefits claimants stopped watching daytime tv and did something useful!

Mickstup Mouse: But do they watch daytime tv? Let's find out...

Mickstup Mouse: ...using the Mickstup Mouse Quantum Peephole™!

Artist: #$%%%%! I don't even own a @*%%' TV! It does my head in! #@*!ing propaganda!

Mickstup Mouse: But there are those who would disagree!

TV fanatic Geek: 'Gilligan's Island' is on in twenty minutes! I can't wait!

Mickstup Mouse: Lots of people would pay a pretty penny to use the Mickstup Mouse Quantum Peephole™, but I'd rather watch daytime tv with David Blunkett now that he's been sacked!