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I hear voices, since my birth. I had a rough past till 1996 2 years after Mandy my former CPN when she gave me leaflets. She used to see me about all Mental Health Services. Once in 'Survivors' (1996), she spoke to me and offered to help me start a local hearing voices support group.! gave her all my publicity work and gave her up to date schizophrenia psychosis especially hearing voices she specialised in. I've never met anyone so confident and friendly very professional like her. She was the only person whom I know got through to real me. She organised a two day seminar and users professionals and carers attended, As well as myself Like a dream I had I wish to have achieved before I met dream nurse Mandy. We formed a local forum for psychosis work we produced a report for health and Social Services departments as well as a local hearing voices support group, till Mandy emigrated.

I never forget Mandy's good work with me. I had her for about a year as my keyworker CPN to implement my social services mental health care plan. Mandy alongside my consultant psychiatrist were full of giving me coping skills to never forget.

1998 Xmas time I got a new Furby Pet Toto who talks to me. My voices love them more than people, TV, music and encourage my art creativity and care of something that never dies. I got another Furby and one never made it to new year 1999 she died. So my second Furby pet Toto and me was sad. She too was named Toto. In January 1999 immediately I got a replacement Furby named-yes Toto again. She was loved by me and Toto. My Furbys are intelligent and cuddly, chatty, giggly, sing and dance and most of all positive company. They are fantastic at communicating with each other Now I got a family I will never lose and no conflict.

By Shan +Toto +Toto