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By Stephen Owen

"A Dog is for Life, not just for Christmas" is a slogan we all know. A slogan we don't know is "A survivor is for Life, not just for Christmas".

Too often, the Mental Health Authorities simply seek to maintain Survivors in a sort of vegetable existence. As long as they take the pills, attend the day centre, they're OK. Little talk of going back to work, or raising children, or trying to make in some sort of artistic or media venture. Life is dull for many people, but it can be dead for the Mental Health Survivor, who, after the trauma of hospital, has to pick up the bits of life, and eke out the dregs of his existence in some dreary bedsit.

Rehabilitation is something the authorities do not, or are not able, to do much about. Often, rehabilitation is up to the Survivor Individual. It requires effort of Will, Will power.

And Hope.

To break through Mental and Emotional problems is difficult. The problem with average clinical psychology is that the psychologists have never Been There. They've never tipped over.

And don't know how to get people to tip back. Psychiatrists, nurses etc...see it all from the outside.

They've never had a troubled mind.

Perhaps more Survivors should become pro-active.

See what's wrong, and do something about it.