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Mr Lancaster,

I am currently a student at a Lincolnshire College, and as part of my course, I have to take a lesson called Key Skills. Recently, in Key Skills, my group and I have been studying the way people can use art to express themselves. As part of this topic, we discovered the Voices Forum. Your work particularly caught my eye.

Self Assembly

The above piece grabbed my attention most of all. It made me wonder what exactly you were trying to convey by using the composition shown. I noticed that the background was very open, and looked like a very lonely place. I also wondered why different parts of the body were in different sections of the shelves/cupboards. I thought this could have shown you felt like you were in a mess about something, and that the mirror was there to make you reflect on a previous action(s).

Another thing I was questioning was why there are clothes hanging up. I thought that this could have meant that you had given something up; like smoking?

I would be extremely grateful if you would be able to give me any information about the questions I have asked above. Thank you.

Yours Sincerely
Brendon White

... Phil Lancaster has made a helpful reply to this, answering Brendon's questions. See reply by Phil Lancaster