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Frisco Duck goes to be assessed by a Social Security Doctor

Frisco Duck

Frisco Duck (so called because he's never ben West of Swansea) visits a Social Security Medical Examination Centre.

Receptionist: The Doctor will see you now Mr Duck

Frisco Duck: QUACK!

Doctor: Sit down Mr Duck, what seems to be the problem stopping you from working?

Frisco Duck: QUACK!

Frisco Duck (looking right at the doctor and almost losing his cigarette): QUACK!

Doctor (horrified): Say, are you trying to insinuate something?!

Frisco Duck: Hey man! I'm a Duck! I'm supposed to say "Quack Quack!"

(Extra note: In the medical business, it's was considered at the time OK for a patient to be a sitting duck, but not OK if the patient called the doctor a QUACK!)