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Medtrix Revolutions

18 January 2007

Dear Forum Artists,

I have recently read about the way some of you use art as a survival technique and think that this is a great idea, and know that focusing your mind on something can help you gain control. When I feel angry or annoyed concentrating on listening to music, drawing or reading can help, as I don’t concentrate on what’s made me feel the emotion I concentrate on something else. Even though you’re using it for totally different reasons than me I think the principles are very similar.
I also think that art should be something you enjoy doing and that when something is used for a purpose instead of enjoyment it can lose its interest a bit like a song you’ve heard too many times or the Sunday repeats of East Enders.

The Usual Suspects
Medtrix Revolutions

Some expressive pieces of work that I particularly enjoyed looking at was the ‘USUAL SUSPECTS’ and ‘MEDTRIX’ by Matty B these pictures interest me because when you first look at them they appear like normal pictures but as you read them there is a lot of underlying emphasis on quite deep subjects such as the flaws of the mental health system and peoples personality traits but instead of it being insulting it is more said in a sarcastic manner. I also like these pieces because I like drawing comic strips and characters.

Yours Faithfully

Dan Blake