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Martha Robinson Poetry Competition 2nd prize 2003

Down ... and UP

by Debbie Marsh

Plumbing my Thoughts ...
I suddenly plummet down down
Down - to unbidden Depths,
the Underworld -
dark and full of past and this life traumas.
The rotting flesh of my aborted Child touches my face,
His unalive faeces I tread
As I tread the messes I have made
in the things I have Angered,
the things I have shouted or left bereft.

I curl up and sleep - in the foetal position
a long, long Sleep .......................

And my awakening is slow, gradual, organic;
shrugging off what I no longer need,
forgiving myself and all who have harmed me;
seeking, seeking .... and finding a New Me
growing in confidence,
stronger, faster, higher.

Finding my wings -
soaring eagle-hearted beyond
all your projections,
dancing on cloudswirls of Splendour
knowing the TRUTH.
Making Light in the darkness,
Spinning LOVE out of TRUTH,
Weaving gossamer circles
To LIGHT up the Earth.