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Vaulted Heaven - She the Sky.

by Nick Satornetti-Portway

Sky`s whirlwind eyes - blue of blue, but not blue
Dappled clouds - painted view - rides the Kingdom
Cotton lips kiss the sun - with each breathless breeze
Skinned earth - shrouded love - watches gyratingly -weights
Vaulted heart, charioteer of mind - milky arrows pierced
Droplet of droplet - squeezed - freshlessly fresh;
Anointed body - libations smilingly - released
Embraced rainbow - bridges the metaphysical
Misty moss bites at shadows of lightless love
Trees nipple the horizon - lush hillocks roll
Ravines swimmingly hear - the moon`s beckoning
Fireing nightingales - whistling sand-dusty angels
Charcoal limbs - curvaceous streams - caress`s thighed estuary
Fingers spreading beach, cusp of ocean-girdles hourglass compassion
Footprints left - time dissolved, but not forgotten!
She of the Blue - Sky vaulted Heaven - ceaseless.

Nick Satornetti-Portway