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The  Voices  PERCEPTIONS Forum is a forum which gives an active voice to people who hear voices in the head, people who have perceptions which the normal people aren't able to observe, people with schizophrenia, psychosis, paranoia, mental illness, hebephrenia, mania, schizophrenic spectrum disorders, and other forms of madness.

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Madness explained. You know it makes sense.

Schizophrenia; an Inside View

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The Perceptions Forum is one of the most notable mental health service user groups in the UK. This user led website is continually being constructed by ZYRA who is a paranoid schizophrenic mental patient, although some folk prefer to describe people as (ex)service users, and other politically correct terminology by which to talk about madness. Please don't be put off by language. The issues more more important. We at Perceptions Forum are very friendly and will make you welcome! [Take a Look Inside]

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Have fun exploring this intriguing website! This is, so we hear, once of the most notable user-led websites in the world. To see how much interesting stuff there is here, see the Perceptions Forum Site Index. There are quite a lot of pages at this site and it will take a while to change them to PERCEPTIONS FORUM, so don't be surprised if you see "VOICES Forum" mentioned here and there!

National Perceptions Forum is a Service User/Survivor run Organisation, and it used to be funded by Rethink, but now Rethink has stopped funding us, we are declaring independence!